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How to obtain the coordinate corrections in real-time


One way to optimize the survey andcadastral work is to work in real-time (RTK). However, the successful work in this mode can be either a slight distance from the base station, or if there is a network of stations.

Usually the home network from the surveyor (or organization) do not.

But this can be corrected by connecting to the service, non-commercial exchange of satellite data.

You will need

  • - Permanent satellite stations, issued no later than 2000
  • - Field Kit
  • - The Internet
  • - Any legal entity



For navigation corrections to workRTK mode you want to connect to the service-profit Club Data Exchange Data X-change - this is the only opportunity to obtain them free. To connect, you need to install a permanent reference stations - it is a condition of entry into service.


It is necessary to inform about the desire to enter into the "Club of data exchange - Data X-change» operator of the club - the company "Rusnavgeoset".


It is necessary to select data from which base stations,members of the "Club of data exchange - Data X-change» you want to - in other words, you need to determine which areas you require high-precision navigational corrections.


After selecting the desired station, you need to signThe agreement to join the "Club of data exchange - Data X-change» - this would require a legal entity (any, from the SP to the Civil Code). Also, you need to specify the data to connect to the reference stations - it's IP-address, port, and existing data transmission protocols.


After that, you will have access to 3RTK-connection and unlimited flow of raw data on a terrain located in the zone of the base station that is included in the "Data Exchange Club - Data X-change». In this coordinate information from your base station will be available for other members of the "Club of data exchange - Data X-change».

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