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How to get compensation veteran

How do I get compensation for veteran

Veterans of work and fighting legislationThey are entitled to receive social assistance from the state to pay for communal services and housing facilities. These benefits are provided to veterans in the form of monthly compensation payments.

Calculation of compensation does not come automatically with the retirement, so you need to go through some procedures for registration.



Check with governmental regulationsyour area on how to obtain social support veterans. As a rule, these regulations are the same everywhere, but there are some differences, for example, in terms of documents.


Contact organizations that are engaged inBilling for payment of housing facilities in the community. Get the payment in monthly payments on the total floor area of ​​communal apartment or home area.


Next, head to the enterprise, is chargedpayments for public utilities, which will get the document, which will include information on the amount of payments which will confirm or expenses incurred. Make sure that the received certificate certified by signature and seal of the organization.


Present in social protection bodies of the population,located in the residence, a package of documents for obtaining compensation. Fill out an application, make a copy of a passport or other identity document and a copy of the pension certificate and a certificate of veteran.


Obtain a certificate, which will indicatethe number of people registered in the residential premises. Confirm documented legal grounds, according to which persons living with a veteran in one housing, are members of his family. Make a copy of the ownership documents of living space veteran. Imagine reference obtained on payment of municipal services and premises.


Get a decision on payment of compensationveteran. Consideration of the appointment occurs within one month after the date of submission of the application to the authority of social protection. For compensation is provided in a timely manner to the body of social protection receipts for payment of utility bills.

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