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How to get the brown paint

How to get the brown paint

By mixing the two colors can be obtainedthe desired brown color, which is not always found in the stores, they often sell "pure" colors. You can arrange a brown, because after application it may seem much dark or very bright.

To avoid this, you just have to mix colors and to choose the right shade. Mixing technique is suitable for virtually any color used for drawing pictures for painting houses.

When it comes to building paints (eg: nitrocellulose - NC), something about it here.

You will need

  • Black kraska-
  • red kraska-
  • solvent № 646 or 647 (added to the paint when it is thickened and used for wiping hands soiled) -
  • tryapochka-
  • stick 30cm.



It is best to mix the paints for building on the street, away from children. In addition, find a place protected from direct sunlight. Prepare all the materials and start.


For brown Take 1 literred paint in it, gradually stir stick, pour 100 ml of black ink. Mix thoroughly. Try several strokes applied to the prepared surface. Give a little dry. If you match the expected color, the paint is ready.


For more intense color, add a bit of black paint, stir again take a test swab and vote. Add a little black until you get the desired color.

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