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How to get better in the winter

How to get better in the winter

Statistics confirm that the fastest people gain excess weight in early winter, as in anticipation of the winter cold the organism starts to heavily stock up with fat. But what do you do in this situation?

How to get better in the winter?



What we are colder, the more our body is trying towarm, fat deposits are formed on the shoulders, waist and hips. So do not let yourself freeze, forget about the cold salads and lean on hot soups. If vegetable soup, you can afford even a double portion. In addition, US scientists found that the water contained in the platter, long delays in the stomach, and the feeling of satiety is stored for a long time.

How to get better in the winter - eat soups


Seasoned their food with black pepper. Do not be afraid that the hot spices excite the appetite, as well as pepper contributes to the rapid emergence of feelings of satiety. Besides seasoning has a warming effect and accelerates the metabolism, helping to reduce fat deposits in the body.

How to get better in the winter - add black pepper


Feeling hungry, snack products contained inlarge amounts of tryptophan, such as cheese and nuts. Nutritionists argue that there is a strong appetite, when the body of tryptophan reserves are greatly reduced. This material is the building blocks of protein.

If, however, you will certainly want to eat somethingfat, prefer fish or stew, cooked in vegetable oil, as the fat in these products is absorbed by the body much better than animals.

How to get better in the winter - eat cheese


To understand the body that already was saturated, it is necessaryat least 20 minutes. Because of this, the food should be chewed slowly and thoroughly. Otherwise, in a hurry, you can eat a lot and still remain hungry. Therefore, for those who eat quickly, there is one trick, forcing chew food slowly. Just going to do tougher. For example, it is possible to dry the bread in the toaster or oven, or not so much to beat the meat.

How to get better in the winter - eat slowly


Lean on vegetables that are long enoughdigested by the stomach and, therefore, maintain a sense of satiety. And not necessarily completely switch to potatoes and cabbage, it is quite enough to the main course to add 100 grams of any greenery.

How to get better in the winter - lean on vegetables


Very often during the cold season, we forgetdrink plenty of water. But in heated apartments, houses and offices, our body loses a lot of fluid. And so we do not confuse thirst with hunger, do not forget to drink during the day around eight glasses of non-carbonated water.

How to get better in the winter - drink water

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