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How not to recover in winter


How not to recover in winter</a>

Statistics argue that the fastest way people gain weight in the beginning of winter, because in anticipation of winter cold the body begins to store heavily fat. But what to do in this situation?

How not to recover in the winter?



The we are colder, the stronger our body triesWarm, formed by fat deposits on the shoulders, waist and hips. So do not allow yourself to freeze, forget about cold salads and lean on hot soups. And if the soup is vegetable, then you can afford even a double portion. In addition, American scientists have found that the water that is contained in the dish, for a long time lingers in the stomach, and the feeling of satiety persists for a long time.

How not to recover in the winter - eat soups


Season your dishes with black pepper. Do not be afraid that spicy spices arouse appetite, as pepper also contributes to the rapid development of a feeling of satiety. In addition, the seasoning has a warming effect and speeds up the metabolism, helping to reduce fat deposits in the body.

How not to recover in winter - add black pepper


Having felt hunger, have a bite with the product containing inA large amount of tryptophan, for example, cheese and nuts. Nutritionists say that a strong appetite appears when the body greatly reduces tryptophan stores. This substance is the building material for protein.

If you absolutely want to eat somethingFat, prefer a fish or stew prepared in vegetable oil, because the fats in these foods are absorbed by the body much better than animals.

How not to recover in the winter - eat cheese


To the body realized that it was already saturated, you needA minimum of 20 minutes. Because of this, the food should be chewed slowly and thoroughly. Otherwise, in a hurry, you can eat a lot and still remain hungry. Therefore, for those who quickly eat, there is one trick that makes chewing food more slowly. Simply, the food needs to be made more rigid. For example, you can dry bread in a toaster or oven, or not so much to beat meat.

How not to recover in the winter - eat slower


Lean on vegetables that are long enoughDigested by the stomach, and therefore maintain a sense of satiety. And it is not necessary to completely switch to potatoes and cabbage, it is enough to add 100 grams of some greens to the main dish.

How not to recover in the winter - lean on vegetables


Very often in the cold season we forgetDrink enough water. But in heated apartments, houses and offices, our body loses a lot of fluids. And so that we do not confuse thirst with hunger, we must not forget to drink about eight glasses of still water during the day.

How not to recover in the winter - drink water

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