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How to get a beautiful and healthy tan


How to get a beautiful and healthy tan</a>

With the onset of the first warm days and the long-awaited sunny season, the townspeople go to the beach, where they spend the whole day forgetting about the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

And instead of a beautiful bronze shade, they eventually get burned, red and dried skin.

To get a healthy tan, you must adhere to certain rules.



Prepare the skin for the beach season in advance. A couple of weeks before sunbathing should be done deep peeling, it will get rid of dead cells and even the surface of the skin. Use a scrub with the addition of ground apricot kernels or other abrasive particles. A tan sticks to a smooth body much better, and the color turns out to be uniform and beautiful. If you do peeling in the sauna - the effect will be much better. Do not forget about the funds with ultraviolet protection, stock up in advance.


Do not forget that the sun is capable ofTo overdry the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to use the means for maximum moisturizing: creams, nourishing shower gels, facial and body oils, various serums. To achieve a better nutritional and moisturizing effect, add vitamins on an oily basis to the cream, they are freely sold in almost every pharmacy.


Pay special attention to the person, choose forThis agent with a high protective factor, greater than for the body. Protect your eyes with large glasses, as the skin around it is very thin and sensitive. If you want to wear a wide-brimmed hat, their range is so great that every woman of fashion can find the right model for herself.


Sunbathe wisely and do not despiseRecommended hours for sunbathing. Surely each of you knows that you should sunbathe in safe hours: from 8 to 11 hours and from 16 to 20. But still a large number of people continue to fry their body under the midday scorching sun. Such a tan will be much more intense, but it gets down in a few days. Do not forget that the sun can threaten the development of tumors.


If you dream of preserving a beautiful bronze tanAt the end of the beach season, do not abuse the exfoliating procedures. To preserve the golden color of the skin, use the simple grandmother's method - drink a glass of carrot juice daily.


During sunbathing, change the positionEvery five to ten minutes, substituting the belly and the back for the sun alternately. It is more useful to sunbathe near water, because moist air can soften the skin and does not allow it to dry. If you are on the beach for more than an hour, you should shelter from the sun under the umbrella or canopy. After sunburn, rinse the skin with cool water and apply a nourishing cream or lotion.

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