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How to get away from problems

Sometimes the care of the problem it is better to solve

It is generally believed that a strong personality solve problems and weaknesses - of them go. In fact, things are not as straightforward.

Sometimes the ability to avoid the problems seriously and saves the life force, and resources.



Determine the type of problems that can go. there is ProblemsThat need to be addressed. That is, to go to meet them and safely remove them. These include serious emotional conflicts with a spouse or co-workers, the health and financial well-being issues. All this must be able to maintain at least a minimum acceptable level. Most of the other problems it is possible to ignore.


Look for constructive ways of avoiding problems. Explore all of your interests and choose the most safe for health. For example, looking at a computer game or watching soap operas is much safer hobbies alcohol. And if you can see in his desire in whatever became distracted, choose something more secure.


Create a private space where you can leavefrom problems. Even family man needs a bit of privacy, is not available to parents, spouse or children. This private space allows to survive the storm in frivolous ways. For example, a husband leaving for fishing at the first sign of conflict with his wife, who has PMS, acts wisely.


In time to arrange a rest. Fatigue and stress often themselves generate Problems where they do not exist. In such a situation to give up everything, go to the sea and turn off the phone - a very right decision. A less drastic way to change the situation can become a theater, a spa, and a nightclub. Do not forget to pamper yourself, and many Problems will disappear by themselves.

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