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HOW do without the toastmaster at a wedding

It is necessary to think over the course of a wedding celebration

Wedding celebration should be remembered for a lifetime, not only the bride and groom, but also for all the guests.

Therefore, it is important to pre-compile the script wedding, invited not only to eating and drinking, but also fun.

Wedding - a costly exercise, especially ifthe bride and groom large queries. Increasingly, these celebrations were invited leading-toastmaster and DJ. Cost of services is quite high. But one problem for the spouses less do not have to puzzle over, as if the guests do not get bored during the buffet.

Save the family budget

To save the family budget, you can dodo without the toastmaster. It is necessary to take the reins into their own hands and organize their wedding "party". To this end, it is important to remember the experience of previous weddings, probably either the bride or groom before attended such an event. Tamada serves as a "traffic controller", it was he who decides when guests need to speak with the words of congratulations when to start eating delicious salads when to dance and participate in competitions.

Among the relatives should be possible to findsociable man who does not hesitate to speak to the public and will agree to direct the course of a little celebration. He should give the floor to his guests that they congratulated the young and gave wedding gifts. Between this, you can insert jokes or jokes about family life, jokes about mother-in-law. It is possible to put in motion drinking competitions to collect money for the sliders in the unborn child, to arrange the ransom of the bride shoes, to arrange an auction and as the lot put up a wedding cake.

Organize an evening so you need to have time for this time to meet relatives of the bride and groom. After all, many of them see each other for the first time.

Creative gift from friends and relatives

Pre friends the bride and groom can askprepare a creative room. It can be a video of the newlyweds, reworked the song, according to a given subject, scene, or a parody of the spouses. Such a gift from friends will appreciate all the guests. By the way, they can also be involved to participate in funny skits.

If someone from the family or great singingplaying a musical instrument, it could be one of the rooms of the evening program. Dance of the young live music - very touching and romantic.

Guests are well accepted amusing contests with dressing. They can participate as a bride to the groom, and guests.

Dance till you drop

It must be remembered that the guests do not have a lot ofsit at the table. Because the person wakes up laziness when he overeat. From time to time, all guests should be invited to the dance floor, so they are having fun under incendiary rhythms of music. You can quickly change the slow dance compositions that guests just do not get tired.

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