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How to get an apostille


How to get an apostille</a>

Apostille is a special sign,Which is put on documents of a non-commercial nature originating from state institutions and authorities of the countries participating in the Hague Convention on the Legalization of Official Documents.

The apostille of documents includes the name of the state that issued the apostille, full name, position, date, address of the person who signed it.



In our country the apostille usually has the formStamp, which is put on the document. The state institutions and apostille bodies include the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defense, the Federal Archival Agency, the Civil Registry Office, the Prosecutor General's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Education.

If you want to put an apostille on anyFrom their previously issued documents, contact the regional branch of the Ministry of Education with a request. In most cases, take care of making a notarized copy of the document. To do this, go to a public or private notary office that has all the necessary licenses and permits to provide such services, and ask for a copy of your document.


Then with this copy again go toThe relevant ministry, where you immediately put an apostille. It should be noted that it is placed on documents issued in the territory of our country so that they can be used in any country in the world. Usually apostille is placed on a diploma, extracts from a diploma or birth certificate, driving license.


If you do not want to go through everything yourselfProcedures, entrust the apostille in state bodies to experienced lawyers, who are well versed in this problem and will do everything in the best possible way. After the completion of all activities, you can go abroad and use your apostille there for an indefinitely long time.


You can leave your documents for registrationA few months, so have patience. Well understand the legal subtleties of this problem, and then you can easily put the apostille yourself, without the help of third parties. Remember that depending on the region, the government body to which you need to apply for apostilling is likely to change. This may be a registry office, the police department or the regional department of the Ministry of Justice. Before starting all procedures, ask which body is responsible for this in your area.

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