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How to get an account statement of the Savings Bank

Sberbank branch

To obtain an account statement, you can personally come to the department of Sberbank, and you can use the service "Mobile banking" system or "Sberbank Online".

In any case, the customer will receive a statement indicating the data of the latest committed transactions, account number, date of formation and balance.

Subdivisions of Sberbank of Russia mayfree to provide its customers with a variety of information on their accounts, including a statement of account. And this does not necessarily personally come to the bank, all the necessary actions can be performed in the comfort of home.

The first two

If the client does not have access to the Internet, itto come to the bank with your passport and credit card or other document confirming the existence of the account. Bank employee will find all the information on the account and print out an extract of his condition, which will be given the first name and surname of the holder, account number, date of formation and a list of operations carried out on the account for a certain period of time, called the account holder. In addition, the client can send his statement to the email or postal address.
The client can receive an account statement and through"Sberbank Online" system. To do this, log in by entering your username and password identifier is, and select the "Maps" the map of the menu, according to the account which needs statement. As a result, the user opens a window that will display detailed information on the account - the so-called mini-statement. If you have a printer at home, it can be immediately printed.

A third method

Follow the account operations can be and with the help"Mobile Banking" service. This service is provided by Sberbank of Russia mobile. "Mobile Bank" offers its customers the ability to quickly get to the mobile phone notification of account transactions and statement of the last surgery. In addition, the customer can transfer money from one account to another, pay for goods and services without commission and visit the bank to repay the loans and to block the account. Service saves time and improves the security of non-cash payments.
For mini-statements on the need to mapsend a message to the number 900, which will consist of the word "history" and the last 4 digits of the card number, located on the front side. Instead of the word "history" can be written "statement" or something or other, but only in English letters. As a result, the bank will send a reply message with information about the last 10 transactions that took place on this card. In particular, you will see the date of the transaction, the transaction amount in the currency of operation, type of operation and cash balance.

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