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How to get acquainted with materials of the case in court

How to get acquainted with the materials of the case in court

As a rule, familiarization with materialsyou need to work out its position on the case when it is necessary to refute the arguments of the opposing party, view the documentary evidence to which it refers.



Right to examine the materials of the casethe persons involved in this case: the parties dispute (plaintiff, defendant), a third party, the prosecutor, the applicants in cases of special proceedings and cases arising from public relations, etc. Implement the right to study, you can at any time prior to the court retires to the deliberation room to decide on the case. Sometimes the judge specifically declare a break in the hearing in order to give the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the case.


To get this opportunity to statepetition of the same name. Clear requirements to its form and content is not, therefore, make it pretty easy. In the upper right corner, specify the name of the court, name of the judge, the case number, the name of the parties. Next, write the name of the document - "Application for access to the material things." Below, in the text of the application, select "Guided by Art. 35 CPC RF (or Art. 41 of the APC RF), ask the Court to allow me to get acquainted with the case. " Below sign, date.


Petition take them to the office of the court (with a copymark the adoption leave themselves) or an assistant referee. The document can be sent by mail, but it will take more time. Most likely, you will immediately prompt when you can come up for review, or be asked to leave a phone number and contact you. As a rule, a court case files are introduced in the breaks between sessions.


Introduction takes place in the presence of the Secretarycourt hearing or assistant referee. You can make notes, take copies of any materials in the case. This will have to use the technique of the court, to make materials outside the building you are not allowed.


Time study the case in courtis not clearly limited, but it will have to be interrupted, if, for example, over time the judicial authority. In some courts have special days or hours during the working time allocated to familiarize stakeholders with the case.

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