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How to get a Visa Gold credit card


How to get a Visa Gold credit card</a>

To date, credit cards are a simple and reliable means to always maintain their solvency.

Being abroad to have a financial reserve is doubly more important.

Credit cards of the "gold" level in addition to the high limit of cash have a number of other valuable advantages.

This is a lifelong health insurance, a large discount offer, and most importantly - everywhere and always the Visa Gold card holder becomes a welcome customer.

You will need

  • - The document proving the identity (passport) -
  • - Information on income in the form of 2-NDFL or in the free form of the employer-
  • - Copy of work book-
  • - Application for issuing a credit card-
  • - Documents confirming ownership rights (if necessary) -
  • - Documents confirming other income (shares, bonds, securities, founding documents) -
  • - Schedule of repayment of previously taken loans (if any).



Contact any licensed bank withRequest for an application for a Visa Gold credit card. It should be remembered that the gold line of cards of the Visa payment system is a kind of exclusive product that not every bank can provide. In order to shorten the time of finding a suitable bank, it is not superfluous to first call several offices and find out whether they issue credit cards of the corresponding status.


Gather the package of documents required for filingStatements. This includes copies of the passport or identity document, a copy of the work record book with the employer's mark on the applicant's work to date, a certificate of income for the past six months. If, at the time of submission of the application, the applicant has not repaid the loan in another bank, then the schedule of repayment of payments of the previously received loan should be attached to the package of documents.


Supplement the package with documents evidencingAvailability of additional income. These can be agreements on deposit accounts, the availability of business founders' rights, bonds, shares and other sources.


Fill out the bank statement, indicating all aspectsFinancial activity as accurately as possible and correctly. So, for questions about minimum monthly expenses, it is not necessary to specify underreported data, since when verifying the application they can be deemed inadequate.


Familiarize yourself with the correct use of creditCard, paying special attention to the cases of card closure, untimely loan repayment and penalty sanctions. As you know, Visa Gold has a record limit of loan funds, which is 500 000 rubles. At the same time, the period of interest-free repayment is 60 days.


Wait until the deadline for consideration of the application. As a rule, it is no more than 3 days, after which you will receive a bank card in the bank branch.

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