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How to Get a Credit Card Visa Gold

How to get a credit card Visa Gold

Today, credit cards - this is a simple and reliable means to always maintain their solvency.

While abroad to have a financial reserve is doubly important.

Credit cards "gold" level in addition to the high limit of funds have a number of advantages.

This is a lifetime health insurance, the big news on offer, and most importantly - always and everywhere Visa Gold card holder becomes a desirable customer.

You will need

  • - Proof of identity (passport) -
  • - Certificate of income on Form 2-PIT or in free form rabotodatelya-
  • - Copy of work knizhki-
  • - Application for issue of a credit card-
  • - Documents confirming the ownership right (if necessary) -
  • - Documents confirming other income (stocks, bonds, securities, founders' documents) -
  • - The schedule of repayment of earlier loans (if any).



Refer to any licensed bank withrequest receipt of the application form to issue Visa Gold credit card. Keep in mind that the golden rule cards of Visa payment system is a kind of exclusive product, which can not provide every bank. In order to reduce the search time of a suitable bank, no harm will be pre-ring up several offices, and see if they issue credit cards corresponding status.


Collect the documents needed for filingstatements. This includes a copy of the passport or identity document, a copy of employment record with a mark of the employer of the applicant's work to the present time, an income statement for the last six months. If at the time of submission of the application, the applicant has not repaid a loan from another bank, the package of documents should make the repayment schedule of payments previously received loans.


Complete package of documents testifyingthe presence of additional income. It can be contracts on deposit accounts, the presence of the founder's rights in business, bonds, stocks and other sources.


Fill out the application of the bank, pointing to all aspectsfinancial performance as accurately and correctly. For questions about the minimum monthly expenditure is not necessary to indicate underreporting, as when checking the application, they can be found untrue.


Check out the rules for the use of creditcards, paying special attention to closing the card, late repayments and fines. As is known, Visa Gold has a record of credit limit, which is 500 000 rubles. At the same time, an interest-free repayment period is 60 days.


Wait until the due date of the application. As a rule, it is no more than 3 days, and then get a bank card in a bank.

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