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How to get a mother


How to get a ticket mother-child</a>

The problem of children's health was paid attention at all times. Including their recovery after illness, strengthening immunity.

Currently, medical and social rehabilitationAvailable to children aged 3 years, suffering from respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal and endocrine diseases.

Many sanatoriums accept children together with adults.

For this purpose, the vouchers "Mother and Child" are issued.



This is a great opportunity for a child to relaxNext to my mother. As a result, the child communicates with peers, participates in interesting contests and games, strengthens immunity and further develops. And his mother, following his health and development, corrects and his health. The child is strengthened immunity, as a result, he is less sick, and his mother works more fruitfully, dispensing with sick leave sheets to care for the child. Treatment on the ticket "Mother And the child "is appointed in accordance with the diagnosis indicated in the sanatorium-resort card.


Flight "Mother And the child "is free. The issuance of permits is carried out by the management of social support of the population of towns and districts of the region. They are intended, first of all, for children in a difficult life situation (including for children whose families are poorly provided for orphans, children who have been left without parental care, disabled children) and one member of the family accompanying the child.


It is necessary to collect documents (and copies of documents) for a free ticket:
- Help received from the district pediatrician, that it is necessary to sanatorium-resort treatment-
- A copy of the child's birth certificate or his passport, if the child is 14 years old, (passports) -
- Copy of the MHI policy of the child-
- Copy of insurance certificate of the State pension insurance (SNILS-
- Application for consent to the processing of personal data, which is completed by the parent.


You should contact the SocialSupport of the population in the community and bring a statement that is completed in an approved form, and in addition a whole package of documents, including those that confirm the status of a low-income family.


After all the actions you have done, you will be registered to receive a permit in the Department of Social Support of the Population.

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