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How to get the required ticket on the exam


How to get the required ticket on the exam</a>

Exam is a test through which several students pass each year. Without exams, studying at the university is impossible, and yet this is a serious barrier, which is by no means easy to overcome.

It is not possible to learn everything, and often on a crucial day the student's hand draws precisely that ticket, according to which knowledge is zero.



To get the required ticket on the exam, you need toHave a number of abilities. First, intuition. She still did not bother anyone in life, what to say about exams. Try to rely a couple of times on your "sixth sense": go into the audience, pull that piece of paper, which immediately drops the eye.

Of course, to rely on such a windyThe lady, as intuition, it is better to enlist the support of knowledge - the knowledge of where the ticket lies. Often examiners do not pay much attention to this: ticket numbers shine through paper or tickets lie in a certain sequence. Only two things need to be taken into account: firstly, often the issues on the tickets do not coincide with those that were on your list, and secondly, you need to catch the moment when the teacher leaves to mark this sequence or to see the numbers and wording of the questions.


Try one more maneuver. Go and answer the last and ask all those who passed it, what kind of tickets are already collected in a pile on the edge of the teaching table, and choose from those left lying neatly laid out in a row. But be careful: often the examiners, when there are not enough questions, take tickets directly from the same pile and again let them into the lottery of knowledge. Therefore, dexterity and intuition will be needed in any case.

It is better to learn in advance from students who already hadDealing with one or another examiner, how in his examination students choose tickets. It is unlikely that you have a chance to peek out if the teacher gives you to pull out a thin piece of paper from the pile that he holds in his hands, or if he distributes the questions himself, without the difficulty of cutting out tickets.


There is another way, but the chances of resorting toYou will have even less. It happens that the teacher starts several students at once, and everything happens in a close audience, and the examiner does not have the ability to follow everyone. Then - be careful! - Turn over a few pieces of paper and choose the one that is dearer to your heart. "Sleight of hands and no fraud!" (C) But if you find yourself ... you do not like it.


As you can see, these methods tend toSuch ephemeral abilities as agility, intuition, attentiveness ... They are far from everyone, and those that are gifted, sometimes do not know how to use the gift. Of course, both, and the third one can be developed, but it will take more than one year of study at the university, and if you want everything at once? .. Therefore, the surest and simplest way to get the right ticket is to learn the material well. Then any ticket will be (even more or less) necessary and successful.

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