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How to get a ticket for the desired exam

How to get a ticket for the desired exam

Exam - test, through which several times a year passes each student. Without exams university studies can not be, and yet it is a serious barrier that is not easily overcome.

To learn all is not possible, and often the decisive day of the student's hand pulls just the ticket for which knowledge is zero.



To get the desired ticket for the exam, you need tohave a range of abilities. Firstly, intuition. She did not interfere with anyone else in my life, what can we say about the examinations. Try putting a couple of times on his "gut feeling": going to the audience, pulling the paper, which immediately falls eyes.

Of course, relying on a windythe young woman, as intuition, it is better to enlist the support of knowledge - knowledge of where a ticket is. Most examiners do not particularly pay attention to this: the ticket numbers shine through the paper tickets or lie in a certain sequence. Only need to consider two things: first, often issues the tickets do not match with those questions that have been on your list, and secondly, you need to capture the moment when the teacher will come to celebrate this very sequence or see the rooms and the wording of questions.


Try to spend one more maneuver. Come meet the latest and try to find out at all who passed what tickets are collected in a pile on the edge of the head table, and choose one of those that were lying neatly laid out side by side. But be careful: often the examiners with a shortage of issues take tickets directly from the same handful again and let them in the lottery knowledge. Therefore, skill and intuition you in any way needed.

It is better to find out in advance the students who already haddeal with one way or another examiner, how he had the exam students are choosing tickets. It is unlikely that you have a chance to peep, if the teacher gives a thin piece of paper to pull out of the bale, which he holds in his hands, or if the question gives himself, is not hampered by cutting ticket.


There is another way, but the chance to resort toit you will be even less. It so happens that the teacher starts several students, all of which takes place in close audience and the examiner is not possible to keep track of all. Then - carefully! - Flip a few pieces of paper and choose the one that is dearer to your heart. "Sleight of hand and no fraud!" (C) But if you find yourself ... you nesdobrovat.


As you can see, the above methods tend toso ephemeral abilities as agility, intuition, attentiveness ... It is not at all, and those that are gifted, often do not know how to use the gift received. Of course, and that, and another, and the third can be developed, but it will take more than one year of study at the university, and if you need all at once .. Therefore, the surest and simplest way to get the right ticket - it is good to learn the material. Then, any ticket will be (at least more or less) and a good fit.

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