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How to get a tax deduction for mortgage loan?

How to get a tax deduction for mortgage?

In order to compensate for the proportion of their costswhen buying a property, you need to use property tax deduction. If you've got an apartment in the mortgage, you can still return and a certain percentage of.

But before taking advantage of tax deduction in the workplace, you need to take a special form to the tax authorities.

The notification should state nameorganization that will cease to deduct income tax from the salary. Application for a tax deduction is served together with the notice to the employer. If all necessary documents are filled in correctly, the employer within the time frame provides a tax deduction on your mortgage.
tax inspection
If you are going to take advantage of tax deduction on the loan through the tax office, then you need to fill out a sample application and attach copies of the following:
•; paper, confirming the ownership of imuschestvo-
•; the agreement to purchase an apartment or property rights in the domains under construction
•; the Act of transfer and acceptance apartments-
•; supporting documents about the actual board all the necessary costs included in the tax deduction be credited
•; Credit Agreement.
The tax deduction on your mortgage will be able toreceive those who work in the organization's official. If part of the salary shall be issued to the employee on your hands without any fixed documents, the employee may receive a deduction only of the official income.
Citizens who are not residents of the Russian Federation, but living and working in its territory for at least 183 days, too, have the right to obtain a tax deduction.
Women who are on maternity leave, canexecute the necessary documents only after a return to work. But if the apartment was purchased prior to maternity leave, it is possible to submit an income statement, which were obtained during the purchase of property.

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