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How to get a tax deduction for the apartment

Tax deduction - a real and tangible compensation for the purchase of apartments

You bought an apartment, and the purchase cost you dearly.

Learn how you can bring back part of the money spent in the form of tax deduction.

You will need

  • To do this, you will need to fill out the documents and go to a tax authority.



Apply for a perfect deal in the Registration Chamber. You have to hand must be the appropriate document for the sale, it will confirm that the apartment belongs to you.


If you have internet access, download the appropriate tax form on a 3-PIT, from the site of his tax authority. If you have no internet - go for the forms to your tax.


If you do not have a checking account? be sure to open it. Tax deduction only pay by bank transfer.


The completed declaration, together with copies of itsTIN, passport, certificate of salary on Form 2-PIT, a copy of the certificate of ownership, a copy of the sales contract you need to include in your tax authority. There, at the time the documents you write an application for a tax deduction.


After that, you will have to wait for a call fromyour tax inspector. Within three months, will be a desk audit, after you have to call. If three months have passed, and there is no answer? call themselves.

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