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How to obtain a student visa in the United States

How to get a student visa in the United States

US - is one of the world leaders in attracting foreign students.

However, for the Russians to become American students can be difficult - you first need to obtain a student visa.



Find out what type of visa you will need toget. There are 2 kinds of student visas - F to M. The first outstanding students high school and university students, and the second is for those who are planning vocational training after graduating, for example, wants to enter the MBA program. In some cases, students better readability documents on other visas. For example, if you learn at least 18 hours a week, you can do so on a tourist visa, and graduate students, are recorded in American universities should arrange a work visa if they plan to get paid for their studies.


Collect the documents to obtain the desiredyou a visa. The list of securities is regularly updated on the website of the US Embassy in Russia. However, in general, the requirements remain the same - you must provide a document from the host you are an educational institution in which the training program will be shown. You also need to prove that you have enough money to pay for their studies and living. You can submit a letter of guarantee from a person who would you include in a bank account, a certificate of scholarship. If a minor child is going to study, you will need both parents' permission to leave the country, certified by a notary.


Sign up for an interview to lodge visa. Then you can pay the visa fee. In 2013, it amounted to $ 160 for all kinds of educational visas. If you have a child or spouse, you may apply for a visa and on it, but you will have to prove the existence of sufficient income for the entire family, as the maintainer does not always gets right to work. note that parents or brothers and sisters will not be able to get a visa attendant.

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