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How to receive an extract from an individual


How to receive an extract from an individual</a>

All information about the individual as an entrepreneur is in the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs (EGRIP). Information on legal entities is contained in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Extract from EGRIP is a document that containsInformation about the entrepreneur himself - last name, first name, patronymic, year of birth, as well as data on the time of his registration as an entrepreneur, place of registration, OGRN, types of activities, location, telephone, etc.



The extract is complete and incomplete. The extract is provided upon request to the tax and other state bodies (archive, city administration, etc.).


Extracts are provided for opening an account inBank, registration with non-budgetary funds, participation in tender (tender, bidding), obtaining statistics codes, concluding a contract (contract), obtaining a loan or loan, obtaining a license or authorization, realizing transactions with real estate, notarizing a bank card, E.


The validity of the extract from the EGRIP and the USRLE shall not exceed 30 days. However, some notaries limit the validity period of the extract to 5-10 days.


To obtain an extract, form an officialA statement on the institution's sample. The statement cap should contain information about you (name, patronymic name), document proving your identity (passport data), address, contact phone number.


The body of the application consists of a request for discharge and itsJustification. It is also necessary to indicate the purpose for which the statement is taken. The documents that the applicant provides for issuing the statement are listed below. The application is signed by the applicant with the decryption of the signature, the date of the application is indicated.


The period for receiving the statement is 3-5 working days. The statement is issued against the signature with the outgoing number of the document registered in the outgoing documentation journal and is certified by the stamp of the issuing authority.


Statements of an individual can be issued alsoIn the archives (contain information about the name, surname, patronymic, place and circumstance of birth, other information about life), at the place of residence (contain information on the place of residence, family composition, number of occupied housing), internal affairs bodies (contain information on offenses and criminal Responsibility of the individual), the Ministry of Health (contain information about the diseases transferred, recommendations), etc.

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