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How to get a mortgage to buy a private house

How to get a mortgage to buy a private house

Today, borrowers have the opportunity to take a mortgage, not only for the purchase of apartments, but also to buy a private house on credit.

However, to get approval of the bank in this case is more complicated, since such lending is associated with increased risk.

Initially, you must determine the object of real estate, as well as the optimal mortgage program. Today offer mortgage on a private house there almost every major bank.

Banks' claims on real estate

With regard to the credit facility the main criterion for approval is a construction mortgage liquidity, ie the opportunity to sell it at any time without a major loss in value.
Assessing the prospects of the loan for the purchase ofprivate houses, banks take into account a number of parameters. Among them - the material foundation and bearing walls. It is assumed that the brick houses of brick or concrete blocks are more durable. Therefore, to take credit for a wooden house is quite problematic. Difficulties with the approval of the home loan may be and wanting to buy economy-class housing.

It is desirable that the house was equipped with the necessary utilities for living, must be suitable for permanent residence and be in the region of the bank's presence.

It is also important that the borrower has the right to land ownership. It thus should be designed for individual housing construction.

Terms of the mortgage for the purchase of private home

For the purchase of apartments banks grant mortgages for a period of 5-25 years with an initial payment of 10 to 40%. Interest rates are 11-13%.

The initial contribution of the acquisition of a private house in the loan ranges from 40 to 60%.

In this case, the terms of mortgage loans on the acquisition of a private house less lucrative. The average rate of 14-15%, an increase of 2-3% in relation to the classical mortgage.
At the same time, such loans often require the presence of collateral in the form of other real estate.

List of documents for obtaining a mortgage at a private house

For mortgages on private house banksrequire two sets of documents directly related to the object of real estate, as well as confirming the income and solvency of the borrower. Indicative list of documents includes:
- Constitutive dokumenty-
- Cadastral plan and pasport-
- technical certificate-
- Extract from the original EGRP-
- Report by an independent appraiser.
- A certificate of salary in the form of 2-PIT (6 months) -
- Pension certificate, INN-
- Poruchitelya- passport
- Extract from the borrower's account, confirming the presence of an initial payment.
The list of requirements and required documents vary depending on the bank.

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