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How to Get a mailbox on xaker.ru


Email has won today amongInternet users in popularity as the number one tool for messaging. This is due to a variety of free services that offer registration and use of mailboxes with virtually no restrictions.

One of such services is NextMail, registered mail offering multiple beautiful domains including xaker.ru domain.

Such a decision may come to those who telling someone mailbox address, wants to declare their belonging to a community of hackers, programmers or advanced users.

You will need

  • - the Internet-
  • - Postal service NextMail.



Go to website. Open the Web page NextMail service at http://nextmail.ru/ and click "Register" button in the upper left corner of the page. Then you open the registration form your mailbox.


Enter the required information. On the form, specify the desired name for the mailbox,which will then be used and select the domain «xaker.ru» from the dropdown list. Set a password for accessing the mailbox and enter the verification code (CAPTCHA). Then you need to click "Next" button and you'll be taken to the final stage of registration.


Complete signup. The last step is to fill in the registrationcontact information Yandeks.Pasport. Linked to this need with the acquisition of the company Yandex NextMail web service. After entering all the required data, click "Complete Registration" and you will be taken to your new box, ready to use.

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