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How to obtain a license for pharmaceutical activity

How to obtain a license for pharmaceutical activity

The businessman, who decided to engage in the manufacture of drugs by prescription, can not do without a special permit - a license allowing to engage in pharmaceutical activities.

You will need

  • - pomeschenie-
  • - documentation-
  • - employees.



To obtain a license for pharmaceuticalactivity, follow the conditions required for obtaining a license. Buy or rent a room and equipment for your firm pharmaceutical activity.


If you are making prescription drugs -follow the rules that have been approved in accordance with the 17th article of the Law "On Medicines". If you are going to sell drugs through pharmacies, strictly follow the order not sold unusable lekarstva- falsified medicines (forgery), expired medicines. Upon detection of such drugs destroy them.


Make sure your employees haveSchool & nbsp- or higher education oriented pharmaceutical, and related professional certificates. Conduct training of your employees at least once every five years.


Also, if you arehead-license applicant and your activity is directly related to the manufacture, purchase, storage, sale and destruction of drugs, you must have a university degree pharmaceutical orientation. In addition, you must have worked in the specialty not less than three years.


If you meet all the necessaryrequirements - post in or near Roszdravnadzor management application for issuing a license for pharmaceutical activity. The application shall attach the following documents:
- Copies of constituent documents of your & nbsp- apteki-
- Documents confirming the payment of registration fee in the amount of 300 rubles for the consideration of the application for extradition litsenzii-
- Leases space for your pharmacy with the sanitary-epidemiological certificate of compliance with the requirements of sanitary facilities norm-
- Instruments of secondary or higher education, professional certificates, documents of work experience in the specialty (you and your staff).


Copies of the documents, not certified by a notary,Imagine with the original. Within five days after the submission of documents to you, if done correctly, you will be in the hands of the pharmaceutical license. For the very license pay 1000 rubles.

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