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How to get a job in the SAI

How to get a job in the SAI

Many young people dream since childhood to work in the Department of Internal Affairs.

And a pretty big part of them wants to become a member of the traffic police.

But not everyone knows far from where you want to study and what to do to get a job in the desired position.



As part of the Office of Internal Affairsequal to the military structure, then a candidate for the post of traffic police is necessary to serve the allotted time in the army. It should also be sure to have a college degree.

How to get a job in the SAI


Go to leadership positions do not take anyone,so the first stage of the work in the traffic police - is the work of "the street." This work directly with motorists, offenders, preparation of accident reports, analysis of all the circumstances of the accident, work with victims - in general, all the paper work.


Also, the traffic potential employee should be mandatory to have a driving license categories B and C. This is due to the fact that the traffic police is constantly involved in the raids.

How to get a job in the SAI


And, of course, need a "pure" life. In addition, once the service will not take, you first need to undergo training.

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