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How to get a job in the north

Jobs in the North more difficult due to the specific weather conditions and requires a lot of endurance.

The tense situation with unemployment is forcing people to change their place of residence and to get a job in the North.

This is especially true of agricultural regions and areas subsidized. Losing position of agriculture in the country provoked the emergence of a large number of unemployed.

In search of work, they tend to find themselves in the oil refining industry.



Before you make a final decision about the device on work in the northern regions, you need to carefully weigh everything. Alternatively, you can work on a rotational basis, and it is possible to move to a permanent place of residence.


Jobs from the northern regions can be viewed on specialized sites. This will allow you to analyze the labor market in the North, to suggest alternative work. When the device to work shift method you do not have to look for housing,do registration. Typically, shift workers accommodation provided by the employer. Also, in some cases, provided food for them. As a rule, employees travel to and from work is paid.


When deciding to move you will need to consideraccommodations. Well, if you will, where to stay for the first time. Removing the housing will require from you a considerable amount of money, which also must be provided. In addition, if you have a family, consider how it will be arranged in a new place.


For devices to work in the northern region is necessary to make a local registration. Ads for these services can be found in newspapers. It would be better if this question will give you a solid recommendation to friends or acquaintances.


When looking for a job on the spot, you can use the services of public employment services. They will provide expert assistance in the selection of vacancies, as well as help with retraining if necessary.

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