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How to get a job as a waiter


The work of the waiter is interesting and has many advantages.

So if you want to work as a waiter - choose the restaurants you like and safely go to the interview.

To work in restaurants, no one remainsIndifferent - either from there they quickly leave, or it drags on for a long time. The work of a waiter in our country, unfortunately, is not considered prestigious, although a good waiter often earns more than a manager, and certainly more than an office worker. It so happened that here it is considered more like an underworking for students than a full-fledged profession. But in Europe very often you can meet men of old age, happily working as waiters.
Experience is not required in allRestaurants. On the contrary, many good restaurants prefer to take waiters without experience, because to teach "from scratch" is often easier than retraining. Human qualities are much more important here: benevolence, politeness, sociability. If a person does not know how to smile and lives most of his life in a frowning mood - this work is definitely not for him. Also a good memory and fast learner will come in handy for the waiter, because there will be a lot of new information.
Official waiter's salary is small, since the main part of the income is "tips", which guests leave if they liked the service.

Which restaurant is better to get a job. To choose a restaurant you need to consider some factors.
1. Price category. If the restaurant is very expensive - it does not mean that there will be more tips, because, as a rule, there are fewer guests there than in democratic institutions. In addition, in such restaurants usually very strict requirements, and you will have to work as an intern until you learn all the menus, wine list and service standards.
In self-service restaurants, where guests pay at the cash desk, it is not necessary to count on tips. So the "golden mean" is not a very expensive restaurant, where there are always a lot of guests.
2. Location of the restaurant. It is best if the restaurant is located in the city center or near the metro. If the restaurant is located on the territory of the business center, then it is most likely focused on business lunches.
3. Schedule of work. If you study, it is possible to combine work with study.
3. Carefully read the requirements: age, requirements for appearance, experience required, knowledge of foreign languages, residence in a certain area.
4. Look online for reviews of restaurant staff about working in it.

You should not treat the interview too muchSeriously and dress in a classic costume. But, of course, dyeing your hair in green is also not worth it. The employer in the restaurant pays attention primarily to the details: neat nails, hair, lack of piercing on the face and how freely you communicate. You can ask the most abstract questions: about your hobbies, life values. Also you will be told about the working conditions, wages, time of work. Tipping can both be completely given to the waiter, and to share all equally, in some restaurants waiters hand over all the tips, and then receive a fixed percentage.
Do not hesitate to ask questions: Whether it is possible to make an individual work schedule, whether there is a delivery to the house, if the work ends late, if the internship is paid, whether tips are given when serving banquets and tourist groups.

If everything suits you and you are suitable for thisRestaurant, then you are summoned for an internship. The internship can last from several days to several months, depending on the restaurant. You will learn how to wear glasses on a tray, holding it with one hand, learning the menu and hard-to-pronounce names of French wines, learning a lot of new information and comprehending all the subtleties of the profession.
For someone working in a restaurant is a temporaryPodrabotka, in someone then becomes an administrator, manager and even opens his own restaurant. In any case, this is an excellent communication experience, which is very useful in later life.

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