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How to get a green card of the USA


How to get a green card of the USA</a>

The presence of a green card means the right of permanentLiving in the USA. It is rather difficult to obtain permanent resident status, since it is necessary to belong to one of the following categories of people: children of American citizens, their spouses and relatives (brothers and sisters), qualified and unskilled workers, spouses and unmarried children of permanent residents of the United States.

There is an annual quota for each category.

In addition, a green card can be won in the lottery of ethnic diversity of "Green Cards" or obtained as a refugee.



Green cards are of two kinds: unconditional, i.e. Constant, and conditional, i.e. Temporary. Conditional Green cards Are issued to a person who marries a US citizen. They are valid for 2 years. If after this period the marriage is saved, then the green card becomes unconditional.


Receiving Green cards It is always a rather lengthy procedure. It is necessary to fill out an application for permanent resident status, obtain an immigrant visa. Within 6 months from the receipt of the immigration visa, it is necessary to come to the USA and file a petition to receive Green cards. If you do not come to the US on time, then the right to file a petition will not be. Depending on the basis on which you can get the green-Card, The process is complemented by other stages, the applicantMust provide some documents. For example, if you work in the US, then the employer must collect a certain package of documents for you and attach it to the petition.


Green card gives the owner the right to live and work in the US, to receive education, to enjoy the social privileges of Americans. In addition, after 5 years the owner Green cards Can file a petition for American citizenship. However, it is worth remembering that the owner Green cards Is also obliged to pay taxes and not to violate the law, otherwise it can be deprived. In addition, he has no right to leave the US for more than 6 months.


Each year, the US State Department conducts a drawing of 50,000 immigrant visas that give their owners the right to receive a green-Card. To do this, you need to fill in the appropriate form on the website www.dvlottery.state.gov. It is worth noting that the right to receive a green-Card There is not at all: the participant of the drawing must have a secondary education or two years of experience, be mentally healthy and not convicted.

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