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How to get a business start-up subsidy


How to get a business start-up subsidy</a>

The subsidy to start a business is relied on by Russians who want to open their business and have the official status of the unemployed.

So start the procedure for obtaining it from the address to the employment center for registration.

You will need

  • - a package of documents for registration as unemployed-
  • - a package of documents for the registration of IP or the opening of an enterprise-
  • - money for payment of state duties on registration of business and services of the center of development of business, if those are paid.



In the center of employment from you will demand a passport,A work record, a document on education. If you worked, at the first appeal in the center will be issued a certificate of salary, which must be filled and assured at the last place of work and bring back.


When registering you will be asked to fill outA questionnaire, where among others there will be questions about what kind of assistance you are expecting from the employment center. Feel free to note in this section the paragraph on assistance in organizing your case. Tell me about your desire to open your own business to the employees of the employment center.


Then you must pass two tests: For the availability of organizational and entrepreneurial abilities and willingness to take responsibility. This cumbersome procedure, the meaning of which is usually unclear to the employees of the center, but passing it necessarily. If you have at least one managerial post in your work record book, starting as the department head, you do not need to pass the test. It is believed that you have already demonstrated the qualities necessary for business in business.


After successfully passing the test, you will be offeredConclude with the employment center an agreement on participation in the state aid program at the beginning of their business. Then usually send a referral to the consultation center for the development of entrepreneurship. In consultation, be prepared to communicate the future scope of activity. In the business center it is usually possible to get a guide for writing a business plan for little money. This document will serve as the basis for granting you a subsidy. On its basis, they will check whether you have spent money on your project or for other purposes.


Writing a business plan does not usually causeComplexities for those who are well-versed in the sphere in which they plan to develop their business. If something is not clear, you can always consult free of charge or for a little money (depending on the region) from the experts of the Center for Entrepreneurship Development. It is better for them to show the business plan as soon as they are ready, if necessary, make adjustments, demonstrate again - and so on to the victorious end.


Ready-made business plan should be attributed to the centerEmployment. There he will be handed over for study to specialists. With a positive conclusion, you can start registration as an entrepreneur or an enterprise establishment.


Having completed all the formalities for registration andHaving received the necessary documents, open a settlement account of the entrepreneur or enterprise in the bank. With all papers received in the tax and documents on opening an account, visit the employment center. They will remove copies from all documents and issue an application for a grant. You will also be asked to provide account details for transferring this money. It is better to clarify in the employment center whether there is a wish for a bank where an account is to be opened, or whatever it is.


After a while, the money will come to your account. But this interaction with the employment center will not end. In process of development of the allocated means for the purposes specified in the business plan you should bring there documents confirming these expenses. By the end of the year, it will also be necessary to hand over monthly to the center of the time sheet for yourself and employees if they have you.

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