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How to obtain a grant to a young family

How to get a grant to a young family

Young families, who need better housing conditions, to raise the standard of living, provided subsidies for the purchase of housing.

This is the real financial support for people who have affixed the knot up to 30 years.

But some unit of society and are not aware of them relying assistance.

You will need

  • - A statement in two copies (one of which will be returned to the applicant after registration) -
  • - Passports of both suprugov-
  • - Birth certificates of children (if there are children) -
  • - A marriage certificate (no need for single-parent families), -
  • - A copy of the financial account, and extract from the house books-
  • - A document that confirms that the family is recognized as in need of improvement zhilya-
  • - Documents confirming the availability of funds in the family or a sufficient income with which part of the apartment (the sum exceeding the amount of the grant) will be paid.



The participants of the federal program of the receiptState support in the acquisition of property can be a young family - a family with children or without them, in which the spouses does not exceed the age of 30 years. Also incomplete young family - dad or mom is not older than 30 years and a child or children. In addition to the age criterion must be met two more requirements:

- The family should be considered in need ofimprovement of living conditions, ie, already standing in the queue for social housing to 01.03.2005 year, or local governments should declare it in need and to put in place after 01.03.2005 years-
- Must have cash or a certain income sufficient to pay for part of the property, which would exceed the amount of the subsidy.

Make sure that your family fits into the framework of these requirements.


Collect and provide to local governments (city or district administration) documents. Do not forget to specify the list of securities in the housing inspector.


After consideration and acceptance of your applicationdistrict administrative authorities (the city), the data will be transferred to the executive authorities of the RF subject. Further, the latest decision on the inclusion of a particular family in the list of applicants for the grant, and is formed by the application for funds. The data is then transmitted to the Rosstroy, there is the list of (uniform for the whole country).


Based on all of the above is happeningthe allocation of money from the Russian budget. The grant is given only once. Its size depends on the average cost of 1 meter of housing and whether there are children in the family (child):
- Young families without children put 35% of the average cost of zhilya-
- For families with one (or more) children - 40% -
In addition, take into account the overall size of the living space, the situation of young families, depending on the number of members:
- A family of 2 people (husband and wife or parent and 1 child) - 42 square metra-
- 3 or more people - 18 square meters each.

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