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How to get the franchise

How to get a franchise

Start a business, buying a franchise is quite profitable: you will get ready to work with the company trained staff and a recognizable brand.

It seems that getting a franchise is easier, because a lot of sites on the internet stores franchises.

But even here there are pitfalls.



First of all, decide how much money you are willingto invest in the business. If the amount of solid, it makes sense to spend some of that money on lawyers, consultants franchise. They will help you to choose and buy the franchisor franchise maximum benefit.


But respectable sums of money have not all. If you decide to buy franchise yourself, do not take the time to studyan increasing number of sites and proposals for the franchise. Carefully read the description of the proposed business. Once you decide to do this about a franchise, try to create a business plan for the development of your company's future. He need not so much the franchisor, so you because help to understand whether or not this company is a profitable business in the area where you are going to operate.


It is important to critically approach the price of the franchise. Sometimes quite serious companies are offered at low prices. It is necessary to know exactly what is included in the price. It is possible that it, for example, do not include training. This kind of small detail and it can be considered as insignificant. However, in practice you can face the fact that your business is not qualified personnel just will not work, and to pay for the training, you can not.


Getting a franchise involves cooperation withfranchisor. However, exactly how it will be, it depends only on the franchisor. In some cases, it can help with the search for premises for business and finance, as well as provide advice on doing business. If you need such assistance, it must be discussed and included in the contract. Otherwise, you risk getting "naked" company, which will have to invest a lot, not to mention the fact that at first engaged in an unfamiliar kind of business without help can be difficult.


An important aspect is the payment of moneyfranchisor. In some cases payment is made for the goods (for example, if you buy a certain brand of clothing store, you will pay for the clothes of this brand, which comes from the franchisor). However, the agreement may contain terms and fixed charges. Payment of fixed amounts - quite a big risk, because it is not known how the business will develop. In such a condition it makes sense to agree only if the fixed contributions are a percentage of the profits.

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