How to get a driver's license

How to get a driver's license</a>

When buying a car, every car enthusiast should know that in order to use it, first of all, he must obtain a driving license for the right to drive his vehicle.

In Russia there are 4 categories of rights: Category "A"? Gives the right to manage motorcycles and mopeds to persons who have reached the 16th age - category "B"? Gives the right to drive a vehicle that has not more than 8 seats (excluding the driver) to persons who have reached the age of 18 - category "C" - gives the right to drive a vehicle with more than 8 seats (not counting the driver), buses and trams Persons who have reached the age of 18 - category "E"? Gives the right to drive a car with a trailer.



First of all, to get a driver's license rights It is necessary to achieve the statutoryAge (16 or 18 years of age) and undergo a medical examination. There is a list of diseases, in the presence of which, driving is prohibited. This list of diseases has been approved by the Ministry of Health: chronic eye and hearing ailment, vascular and heart disease, chronic mental and surgical diseases, and others. In addition, there is still a list of psychiatric abnormalities approved by the Council of Ministers of the Russian Federation, for which the management of the vehicle is not allowed: persons with mental disabilities, epilepsy, alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse.


A special commission can recognize a personTemporarily not suitable for driving for a period of not more than 5 years, depending on the degree of the disease. At the end of the prescribed period, a reassessment is appointed, following which a decision is made to authorize the driving of the vehicle or not.


Drivers with a driving license rights, Every 3 years are required to undergo medical examinations.


To obtain the right to drive by car it is necessary to pass training in a driving school, pass an internal exam and an exam in the traffic police.


Upon successful completion of training in the traffic police issued a driver's license rights, Which are the main documentConfirming the right to drive. The certificate can be of 2 types: national (issued for a period of 10 years and valid only in the territory of the Russian Federation) and international (to be filled in the language in which the country is issued). Driving rights, Which are issued in Russia, are valid in all countries which in 1968 signed the Convention on Road Traffic.

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