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How to obtain a driver's license

How to get a driver's license

The car? it is no longer a luxury but a necessary means of transportation.

To proudly call themselvesmotorist, it is necessary, first of all, get a driver's license, which is a laminated card with a unique number in our country.



The minimum age for obtaining a drivingcertificate varies depending on the vehicle category. Rights category A (motorcycles) can be obtained from the 16 years, the category B and C (cars and trucks)? 18 years old, and the right categories D and E? only 20 years. Driver's license issued only after successful completion of a special test, which includes theoretical and practical part.


To the driver's test can be prepared in the traffic policein two ways: on the courses in a driving school, which usually last about 2-3 months or independently. Those who have graduated from a driving school, have an advantage, since the end of the course they take exams with identical tests in the traffic police.


To have admitted to the exam inTraffic police, it is necessary to introduce a standardized medical certificate. Get in shape with a list of doctors can be required in the district hospital. If time is short, it is possible to pass a medical examination on a private basis, which, however, will be much more expensive. In some hospitals specially appointed? Driving? day when candidates for the drivers take the queue.


In order to gain admission to the tests in the traffic police,also need to pay three state fees: for the rights, a theoretical test and a practical test. The total amount is 360 rubles. In case of failure on the exam the state fee is paid again.

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