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How to get a diploma of a security guard

How to get a diploma of a security guard</a>

A security guard is one of the popular professions in the labor market.

Indeed, they are needed in almost every commercial enterprise - in the bank, store, office. Nevertheless, it is not as easy to get into private security as it seems.

In order to carry arms and have the right to use force in cases prescribed by law, it is necessary to have the appropriate qualifications and a confirming document - a diploma of a guard.

How can you get it?

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - medical certificate-
  • - certificate of graduation from school-
  • Means for payment of training.



Find organizations that train security guards. They are in every major city. They can be found on ads in newspapers or on the Internet.


Choose a training school for guards, the mostSuitable for you in terms of location and cost of training. Pay attention also to the existence of a state license for educational activities in the security sphere.


Visit the school in person and find out the terms of preparation andTimetable of classes. If all the conditions suit you, sign up for training. Provide a medical certificate, passport and a certificate of completion of high school. In this case, you will need to pay for studies in full or in part, depending on the conditions of the school. The cost of training can vary depending on the specific school and city, for example, in Moscow, a one and a half month training course can cost eight to ten thousand rubles.


Complete your chosen course. Attend all classes, as a result you should receive not only a document on the passage of courses, but also practical knowledge useful in the future work.


At the end of the course, sign up for theReception of the diploma of the security guard. It can be held at the school itself or at the police department. More information you can get at your training center.


Prepare for the materials and tickets issuedYou in school. Usually questions have a standard form, it is enough to recall what you were taught in class and have a good physical form for taking the practical part of the exam.


Successfully pass the theoretical and practical part of the exam. In this case, you will receive a security diploma and ample opportunities for employment.

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