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How to get the guard's diploma

How do I get a security guard certificate

Guard - this is one of the most popular professions in the labor market.

Indeed, they are needed in almost every commercial enterprise - a bank, store, office. However, to settle in the security services is not as simple as it seems.

To carry weapons and have the right to use force in cases stipulated by law, you must have the appropriate qualifications and supporting documents - diploma guard.

How to get it?

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - Medical Help-
  • - Certificate of completion of school-
  • - Funds for tuition.



Find organizations involved in the training of security guards. They are in every major city. They can be found through advertisements in newspapers or on the Internet.


Select a training school guards, mostsuitable for your location and the cost of training. Note also the presence of the state license to conduct educational activities in the field of security.


Visit the school in person and find out the timing for preparing andTimetable of classes. If all the conditions will suit you, sign up for training. Present a medical certificate, a passport and proof of high school graduation. In this case you will need to pay for their studies fully or partially, depending on the conditions of the institution. Tuition fees may vary depending on the school and the city, for example, in Moscow six-week training course can cost eight to ten thousand.


Walk your chosen course. Attend all classes, as a result, you should get not only a document of attendance, but also useful in the future work of practical knowledge.


sign up for the exam at the end of the course,obtaining a diploma guard. It can take place in the school or in the department of internal affairs. For more information you can get in your training center.


Prepare the materials and tickets issuedyou at school. Usually questions are of a standard form, is enough to remember what you have been taught in the classroom and have a good enough physical shape to pass the practical part of the exam.


Successfully hand over the theoretical and practical part of the exam. In this case, you will receive a diploma and a security guard job opportunities.

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