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How to remove a broken key

A broken key, for example, from the apartment or from the garage, is a lot of trouble.

But a lot of trouble bringing a key when it is broken directly to the castle.

You can use different methods for excavation fragments of the castle, but not the fact that they will always be successful.

In this case, in addition to skill, you must still have a little bit of luck.

For each individual case needs an individual approach.

You will need

  • Pliers, liquid rust, brass tube, a blowtorch, a screwdriver, a magnet.



If key He broke into the garage of the castle and the fragments sticking out, try a pair of pliers to turn it back and pull out. If you do not have enough force to turn the broken keyand pre-drizzle in keyhole liquid rust and wait a bit until the liquid will not make his case.


If key does not rotate, gently tap the debris and try to turn key. Do not bend the chip in order to make it more convenient to take hold of him, if not completely sure that it will not break.


If key broke and a piece remains inside the well,pick up a brass tube diameter such that when the nozzle on the chip, it came with an interference fit. Heat one end of the tube with a blowtorch and press it onto the chip.


Wait for the complete cooling of the tube, drizzle in the liquid well against rust. Then, gently bending the pipe, try to crank key and pull out.


If flat broke key in the door lock, then try to turn it arounda screwdriver into a position in which it is to freely exit. Then two needles hook chip on both sides and resting on the edge of the well, pull it out. If key turned out to be iron, try using a strong magnet.

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