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How to pull a broken key


How to pull a broken key</a>

A broken key, for example, from an apartment or from a garage, is a lot of trouble.

But a big trouble is brought by the key when it is broken directly in the castle.

For the removal of a fragment of the castle can be used in various ways, but not the fact that they will always be effective.

In such a case, in addition to skill, you still need to have a little luck.

For each individual case, we need a separate approach.

You will need

  • Pliers, rust-proof liquid, brass tube, blowtorch, screwdriver, magnet.



If key Broke in the garage lock and part of the wreckage sticks out from the outside, try using pliers to turn it back and pull it out. If there is not enough effort to turn a broken one keyA, pre-drizzle into the keyhole with a liquid of rust and wait a bit until the liquid does its job.


If key Do not crank, gently tap on the wreck and try again turn key. Do not bend the chip in order to be more comfortable for it if you are not completely sure that it will not break.


If key Broke and the chip remained inside the well,Pick up a brass tube of this diameter, so that when you attach it to the chip, it comes in tight. Heat one end of the tube with a blowtorch and press it onto the chip.


Wait until the tube has cooled down completely, squirt the liquid against the rust into the well. Then, gently bending the tube, try to turn key And pull it out.


If the flat key In the door lock, then try to turn itA screwdriver in a position where he must go free. Then, with two needles, hook the chip from both sides and lean against the edges of the well, pull it out. If key Turned iron, try to use a strong magnet.

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