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How to get 13% of the tuition fees

How to get 13% of the tuition fees

Students studying on a commercial basis, must have heard that it is possible to return the money spent on training.

But how, when and where to get the money, they do not know everything.

Return of the tuition fee can be 13%, it is called a tax deduction for tuition. But the deductions have their limitations.

What is the tax deduction

Tax deduction - the amount which is deducted fromincome of individuals at 13%, is regulated by the Tax Code Article 219. Refund is made not from tuition fees and returns of the income tax paid to the budget during the year (also held on the payroll).
To you back 13% is necessary to:
1) Paying studies (their own, your children or wards).
2) Being a taxpayer of individual income.
To find out the amount you will receive, you musttake an income statement on Form 2-PIT, and your annual income tax (13%) indicated it had paid. you need to subtract the amount of expenditure spent on education, and to deduct tax from the total income. As a result, the state returns the difference between the amount you paid and which should have been paid.

Note that the amount of the deduction is limited to the state - no more than 120 000 rubles.

The recipients of the deduction can be: the students who pay for studies of its own funds, as well as parents of students who are under 24 years of age, and their custodians.

It does not matter in the public or in commercial establishments you get education. You only need to check for a license for the provision of education services.

Refund can be issued not only ingetting higher and secondary education, but also, for example, if you learn in driving school, pass training courses and so on, can also qualify for a tax deduction.

What documents are available

For social deduction is necessary to provide to the tax office:
- The contract and a copy of the contract for training, which can be issued to the student or his parents (trustees, adoptive parents) -
- Payment documents (copies), confirming the fact of payment obucheniya-
- An income statement on Form 2 NDFL-
- Application for tax vycheta-
- A certified copy of the license of educational institution.
To get the tax deduction you mustprovide all of the above documents to the tax office at the place of your registration, for which payment was made the end of the calendar year, but no later than three years.

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