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How to form a personality

How to create a personality

Personality form in itself is not so easy.

The fact that a person is formed in itself a consequence of the rough and tumble of life that we meet on the way, due to the enrichment of knowledge, as a result of communication with different people.

This is a separate process, but it can help.



personality - A combination of properties inherent in man andforming his personality. Think about whether you can really do to generate this set? After all, if you do want to pick up a number of some traits, then you most likely will be guided, or someone else's example, or their own ideas about the ideal. But instill in itself something alien is very difficult, if at all opportunities in most cases is rejected. One can only try to change for the better.


Let always before your eyes you will have somepositive example. This can be one of your relatives or friends, who managed to achieve a lot. Copy the best of its features gradually, checking from time to time, whether your "I" to accept innovations. But do not blindly follow the ideal: analyze his actions, make timely conclusions, ask the opinion of people you respect. It would be foolish to copy your life with someone else and replace your "self" alien.


Read more. Find out everything in the world to impossible. Refined life flowing from year to year in one and the same (usually good) conditions in the circle of the same friends (usually quite uninteresting and nothing special is reached) - the inheritance of the very few people, but even if the life you and patted , will always be some scope - the feelings, knowledge, skills, principles, which you have not touched. In order to have happened at least some idea about it, read books, good books. From them you will learn a lot of what you might not be able to see in my life.


Do not alienate people. Nothing develops personality, as contact with the world of another person. At a meeting not think that this or that person you never need no longer meet, or that you will not need him. Be careful with the people, because there are such items that are able to break down any person, even such a strong like you. However, not close to people's eyes, lost in himself. They can tell you even more than the book.


Your personality is developed over a lifetime. The only thing you can do - it somehow steer the course of this development and become what corresponds to another definition of the word "personality" - a man with a strong personality. Watch out for yourself, do not forget about morality and norms of philanthropy and charity. It may sound banalno- but these are the ages repeated the principles and form the real personality.

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