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How to form a person in yourself


How to form a person in yourself</a>

The personality is not so easy to form.

The fact is that the personality is formed by itself, the consequence of those life troubles that occur to us along the way, due to enrichment with knowledge, due to communication with different people.

This is an independent process, but it can be helped.



Personality Is a combination of properties inherent in man andForming its individuality. Think, can you actually form this whole set? After all, if you yourself want to choose a number of certain characteristics, then you will most likely be guided by someone's example, or your own ideas about the ideal. But to instill something alien is very difficult, if at all possible, in most cases there is rejection. You can only try to change for the better.


Let before your eyes you will always have some kind ofPositive example. It can be someone from your relatives or acquaintances who has managed to achieve a lot. Copy the best of his features, gradually, checking from time to time, whether your "I" can accept innovations. But never follow the ideal blindly: analyze his actions, draw timely conclusions, ask the opinion of people whom you respect. It would be foolish to copy your life from a stranger and replace your "I" with someone else.


Read more. It is impossible to learn everything in the world. The refined life, flowing from year to year under the same (usually good) conditions, in the circle of the same friends (usually completely uninteresting and nothing special has reached) is the lot of very few people, but even if life has worn you out , There will always be some kind of sphere - feelings, knowledge, skills, principles that you never touched. For you to have any idea about it, read books, good books. Of these, you will learn a lot of things that you, perhaps, could not be seen in life.


Do not push people away from yourself. Nothing develops personality as much as contact with the world of another person. At a meeting, do not think that you will never need a certain person, will not meet again, or that you will not need him. Be careful with people, because there are such instances that are able to break any personality, even as strong as yours. However, do not close your eyes to people, immersed in yourself. They will be able to tell you even more than books.


Your personality develops throughout life. The only thing you can do is to somehow direct the course of this development and become what corresponds to another definition of the word "personality" - a person with a pronounced personality. Watch yourself, do not forget about the norms of morality and morality, about philanthropy and charity. This may sound trivial, but it is these centuries-to-old repetitive principles that form the real Personality.

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