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General cleaning in the apartment: where to start


In a dirty house with dusty shelves and unwashedDishes can not be comfortable and cozy. Sweeping the floor and unfolding clean and ironed clothing, that is, small daily affairs, do not take much time. But when the turn of general cleaning comes, many owners drop their hands.

Before you pick up a mop and a rag,Appreciate the scale of the "tragedy" and stock up on everything that will make your work easier. Change the dust bag in the vacuum cleaner, purchase detergents if you are not sure that there is enough old stock. Forget about the fact that all life the most effective way to wash the windows were newspapers. In any supermarket there is a lot of miracle-rags made of microfiber, which will make the glass and mirror clean literally in a couple of minutes.

Classical general cleaning

To lead an ideal purity is necessary with the mind. You should start by searching for helpers. Call for help to all tenants of the apartment. First, it will significantly shorten the cleaning time, and secondly, it will become a wonderful family entertainment. There is one more secret: things that you find extremely necessary, for other members of the family are just garbage (on the side, it's more visible). They will not bleed their hearts with blood when throwing out jeans, which have been lying in the closet for 10 years already.

Assistants you will need at the very first andThe main stage - getting rid of junk. Take a couple of large garbage bags, put them in the middle of the room. Begin to sort out everything you reach. Cracked plates and cups with broken handles, unpaired socks, empty boxes from under shoes and bags with a torn off handle or a lacquered lining - all this without regret put in the main garbage bag. Clothes that look good, but out of fashion or become small, pack in a second bag. In the third package send unnecessary books and children's toys. Take the first package to the garbage container, and the second and third - to the nearest church, shelter or charitable organization.

The second stage is the cleaning itself. In getting rid of junk children are wonderful helpers. In the rest - fierce enemies of order. While you will scrub the floors in one room, in another they can stain the carpet with paints. And they will always distract you. Therefore, it is recommended to send children to walk in the yard, and leave a man out of helpers. On the shoulders of your companion for cleaning will lie the fastening of shelves, the rearrangement of furniture (temporary) and similar cases requiring physical strength.

Cleaning should begin with a room with a balcony. It is on the balcony, as a rule, most of all debris and dust. Then comes the turn of the bedrooms and the children's room. In the last turn, the bathroom and kitchen are cleaned. However, the landlady may prefer a different cleaning order. Everything depends on the degree of contamination of the room and personal habits.

General cleaning includes many stages. Try to combine classes. While the refrigerator is being defrosted, you can restore order in cereals and spices (not forgetting to wipe the shelves in the kitchen cabinets). If you have already put curtains in the car and started washing, immediately proceed to washing windows and window sills.

Do not forget every hour to make a 5-minute break, otherwise you will quickly get tired and will not finish cleaning up.

General cleaning by Lady Fly system

Recently many mistresses of steelUse the Lady Fly system, which allows you to keep the house clean without spending a lot of time on it. To ensure that cleaning does not turn into a tedious and physically exhausting occupation, divide the entire apartment into zones. For example, kitchen, bathroom and toilet, bedrooms, living room (common room), balcony and corridors. To clean one zone, take yourself a whole week, but work on the cleanliness should be 15-30 minutes a day. After 5 weeks in your house there will be no rubbish, it will shine with purity. And most importantly - you will never have to spend all weekend on general cleaning, because to maintain order in the apartment you will get used to spend only 15 minutes every day.

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