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GELIHRIZUM having two lives

Gelihrizum having two lives

Gelihrizum popularly called immortelle. This is one of the plants that has two lives.

The first life he spends in the flower beds.

Second - it is immortal life in the vase.

Gelihrizum love and flower growers, amateurs and professionals, oranzhirovschiki bouquets. This is a relatively undemanding plant from the aster family grow easy.

Sow seeds in early spring in the ground. Seedlings appear quickly, within 7-10 days. Seedlings thinned out (transplant, they are not afraid), leaving between plants about 15-25 cm. Plants grow and develop rapidly, turning into a beautiful straight bushes, much branched at the top. The whole plant is pubescent, 40-80 cm height of the bushes.

Blooming young plants after 50-60 days. A special feature is a long bloom until late frosts. Painting of the most diverse and unique, presents a rainbow of colors.

Diameter of flowers is about 4-5 cm. Baskets - inflorescence double and semi-double, are rustling scales wrapper, and flowers in the center of the inflorescence small and yellow. There are two or three-colored inflorescences, very elegant.

Gelihrizum will bloom well in the loose,nutritious, moderately moist soils. She loves the sun. It is easy to tolerate drought. When prolonged dry weather, thank for watering larger buds.

Cut florets gelihrizuma very long can stand in the water.

Gelihrizum for winter cut flowers dry in polurospuske inflorescences, tied into bundles and dried, hanging their heads down in the shade.

Tall varieties are grown for cut flowers and dry flowers. Low-growing varieties look great in the curb and rabatkah.

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