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Gelatin hair mask

Mask for hair with gelatin

Gelatin - product obtained by processing of animal collagen protein is a collagen actually partially hydrolyzed.

This chemical treatment helps to alleviate penetrate the hair and the upper layers of the skin.

Gelatin restores the hair structure,It improves the appearance and shine as well as increases the volume and thickness by thickening hair. Gelatin hair mask is also called laminating home.
Composition mask: gelatin (dry) - 1 tbsp. a spoon.
Gelatin reconstituted with water in a ratio of 1: 3. To avoid lumps water should be cold. Half an hour later the mixture should be warmed in a water bath, stirring constantly, but do not bring to a boil. Optionally, add the resulting mixture into a shampoo or hair conditioner, it is easier to comb after the treatment. The mixture should be a little cool and put on clean hair along the entire length. Treatment time - 10-15 minutes, then wash off the mask to. Course - 10 procedures. Contraindications to the use of masks of gelatin no.
Collagen strengthens the skin and nails to form a film on their surface that promotes retention of moisture and reduce evaporation.

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