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Gazebo with barbecue

Gazebo with BBQ - Is it comfortable?

Gazebo with BBQ - perfect symbiosis outdoor grill for cooking barbecue and a summer veranda.

It is perfect for summer cottages in central Russia and northern regions, as it allows to cook and eat outdoors even in extreme cold.

Gazebo with barbecue - what they are

BBQ, located under a canopy - greatchoice for the harsh climatic conditions of Russia. This design allows you to fry fish, kebabs, vegetables, whatever the weather. And if in the gazebo equipped with table and chairs, then there will be even in winter lunch. The heat from the barbecue will give cottagers warm, small room warmed up very quickly.

BBQ in the gazebo can be combined with a fireplace. This design will give more heat, and winter will be to spend time with the comfort of the street.

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There are two types of pavilions with barbecue. One summer, open - they have only one wall where installed BBQ, and Roof. The second - winter. They have a wall of wood, cinder blocks or bricks. To comply with safety regulations, wooden gazebo for barbecues laid marble or cement apron that occasional embers do not set fire to the floor and walls.

Designs gazebos are very different. The main thing to choose what you need - the capital closed or light summer. And already then plan its size, which will be placed grill, how to bring electricity, from which to build, etc.

Comfortable garden furniture with barbecue - how to build

During the construction of the gazebo with a barbecue at the cottageyou need to consider a few points. The most important of them - the safety of residents. In order to avoid fire, the floor of the gazebo should be a stone. You can put it with tiles or natural materials. It is better to choose a street-slip tiles and stones. They will not crack from extremes of temperature in winter and will not allow embers to ignite a wooden frame gazebo.

If a table is provided in the gazebo, it is alsobest made from cold-resistant materials. This may be a stone, metal, hardwood - oak, larch, etc. The same applies to chairs. And to them it was comfortable to sit, you can each time to bring home a beautiful soft cushions.

The roof of the gazebo is best done sloping to aa thick layer of snow in the winter it is not collapsed. Suitable roofing materials are now on sale enough. Very nice look pergola covered with tiles.

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The size of the barbecue to barbecue each definesindependently. For a large family can take a two-level, where grids can simultaneously cook vegetables and meat. Above BBQ necessarily fixed hood, which produces smoke outside. Otherwise, arbor, especially sealed, will not sit comfortably.

The gazebo can be natural light, butbetter anticipate and lamp, so that you can arrange gatherings and in the dark. Provision should be isolated to the humidity and temperature changes have happened a short circuit. For perfect gazebo street lamps made of thick glass. They give a lot of light and can withstand severe frosts.

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