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Arbor with a barbecue - is it convenient?</a>

Arbor with barbecue is an excellent symbiosis of an open barbecue for cooking barbecue and a summer veranda.

It is ideal for dachas in the middle zone of Russia and the northern regions, since it allows cooking and eating outdoors even in severe frosts.

Arbor with barbecue - what they are

Barbecue, located under a canopy - excellentChoice for severe climatic conditions in Russia. This design allows fry fish, shish kebabs, vegetables in any weather. And if you equip a table and chairs in the gazebo, you can also dine there even in winter. The heat from the barbecue will not let the residents freeze, the small room will warm up very quickly.

The barbecue in the arbor can be combined with a fireplace. Such a design will give more heat, and in winter it will be possible to spend time outdoors in comfort.

There are two types of arbours with a barbecue. One summer, open - they have only one wall, where the brazier is installed, and a roof. The second - winter. They have walls made of wood, cinder blocks or bricks. To maintain safety, in wooden arbours under the barbecue is laid marble or cement apron, so that occasional embers do not set fire to the floor and walls.

Projects of pavilions are very different. The main thing is to choose what you need - a capital closed or easy summer. And only then plan its size, where will be placed the brazier, how to bring electricity, what to build, etc.

Convenient gazebo with barbecue - how to arrange it

When building a gazebo with a barbecue in the countryYou need to consider several points. The most important of them is the safety of the residents. In order not to create a fire, the floor in the arbor must be stone. You can lay it with tiles or natural materials. It is better to choose non-slip street tiles and stones. They do not crack from the temperature drops in winter and will not allow the embers to set fire to the wooden frame of the arbor.

If a table is provided in the gazebo, it is alsoIt is better to make of frost-resistant materials. It can be stone, metal, solid wood species - oak, larch, etc. The same applies to chairs. And in order to sit comfortably on them, you can bring beautiful soft pillows each time.

The roof in the gazebo is better to make a sloping one so thatA thick layer of snow in the winter, it did not collapse. Suitable roofing materials are now on sale enough. Very beautiful look gazebos, covered with tiles.

The size of the barbecue grill each definesYourself. For a large family, you can take a two-level, where on the bars you can cook vegetables and meat at the same time. Above the barbecue must be installed hood, which emits smoke out. Otherwise, in a gazebo, especially closed, it will not be comfortable to sit.

There can be natural light in the arbor, butIt is better to provide and lamps, so you can arrange a party and in the dark. The wiring must be insulated to prevent short circuits from humidity and temperature changes. For a gazebo, street lamps made of thick glass are perfect. They give a lot of light and can withstand severe frosts.

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