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Gas plates for balloon gas: installation and connection


In country houses, in cottages where there is noA centralized gas pipeline, the use of bladder gas and slabs is often the only way to quickly cook hot food. In order to make the process fun and not cause problems, it is necessary to consider simple rules when connecting a gas cylinder.

Installation of gas equipment

For the normal operation of the gas cookerIt is necessary to select the right place for the cylinder installation. It is better, if it will be on the street, but it is necessary to take into account that at negative temperatures the gas evaporates very poorly, as a result of which the plate can not work fully. For outdoor installation, the balloon should be located no closer than 1 meter from the doors and 0.2 meters from the windows. In the presence of a number of basement or basement, you must maintain a distance of 3 meters. The location of the gas cylinder should be protected from overheating (it should not be allowed to heat above + 45 ° C), therefore it is recommended to install the tank in a special (better metal) cabinet.

If the cylinder is installed outdoors, the gas cylinderThe wiring should be carried out by means of a metal pipe located not less than 2.2 m from the ground. The cylinder itself and the gas stove are connected to the pipe using gas hoses (they have a yellow color or a color of the same shade). The distance from the gas tank to the plate is not closer than 0.5 m, and the volume of the room where the plate is installed must be at least 8 cubic meters. M.


Gas plates are designed for a certain pressure- 0.3 MPa. Because In the balloon, the pressure can be different, to use the reducer, it is used. It is connected between the balloon and the metal pipe. At connection pay attention to presence of a special lining and a carving of a reducer - she left. Buying a gas stove, ask if it is designed for balloon gas. It's all about the diameter of the nozzles-for balloon gas it should be 0.89-0.93 mm. However, a number of manufacturers are completing their products with adapters, which allow connecting the plate to both the main and balloon gas.

Connected gear, hoses mustLocated in an easily accessible place. After the installation of the equipment is completed, it is necessary to check the tightness of the connections. To do this, patch all the connecting points with soap foam. When turning off the gas cylinder valve, inspect the entire "track" - a loose connection can be seen from the emerging soap bubbles. There are also restrictions on the places of installation of gas cylinders and plates: basements, cellars, other enclosed spaces with a level below the ground. This is due to the special property of the propane-butane mixture, which is heavier than air, to accumulate in an unventilated place, which is fraught with poisoning or explosion.

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