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GARLIC? To your health!

Garlic? To your health!

Garlic - a valuable product rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. This is the strongest natural antibiotic and antioxidant.

Thanks antioxidants regeneration of damaged tissues increases, slowing the aging process.

It would seem the fairest "rejuvenating" means affordable to everyone!

However, they are extremely rare because of the noxious fumes.

If men sometimes allow themselves to eat a slicegarlic, women, in most cases, give up this useful, but "inconvenient" product. The prospect of being eternally young, but fragrant ladies stop by the tasting of the genus Allium. In Korea and Thailand have food manufacturers involved in the fermentation of garlic. In the process of a special treatment (long pickling) get black garlic, without the sharp taste and smell. This garlic is more useful than usual, but it looks strange and is more expensive. It is very popular in many countries, it is called a product of youth and longevity, but in Russia, to buy such a miracle - a big problem. So a few tips for those who still decided to not to abandon the use of a conventional garlic. To minimize the unpleasant consequences is difficult, but possible: 1. Try to eat garlic in the late afternoon (unless, of course, not a date is scheduled for the evening). 2. Of course, after eating garlic is to brush your teeth. But before that good to chew parsley leaves, lemon slices, or eat a handful of walnuts - to neutralize the odor. 3. If the second half of next (husband, wife, any person with whom you are going to spend the near future) - eat garlic together! In this case, the smell is mutual and will not seem too harsh. Do not give up on garlic, it is very useful!

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