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Garlic mask for dry skin

Garlic mask for dry skin

In order to assimilate nutrients from the mask as much as possible, to pre-preparation of the skin.

Before applying any mask always cleanskin: remove makeup, wash with warm water (you can with an antibacterial soap), wipe the face tonic or lotion suitable for your skin type.

To nutrients penetrates deep into the skin, it can be plucked massage to improve circulation. In order to open the pores, it is recommended hot compresses or steam bath.

When cooking, use only masksfresh ingredients. The prepared mixture is desirable not to store, and use immediately, as it quickly loses its beneficial properties. The mask is applied using schёtochek, cotton discs or hands on the massage lines.

Take three cloves garlic, chop thema fine grater. Add the weight of chopped two teaspoons of cream and vegetable oil. Then, add one teaspoon of cabbage juice and the same amount of carrot juice. The resulting mixture should be rubbed carefully with one yolk. Half of the mixture put on the face, except for the lips and skin around the eyes.

Five minutes later, apply a second coat mixture. Hold the mask for another ten minutes and rinse with warm water. Garlic mask is very useful, but should be used with caution, they should not be applied to damaged skin. In the case of an unpleasant burning sensation, it is recommended to immediately wash off the mask and smear the face with a nourishing cream.

Garlic, which is part of this mask haspronounced antiseptic, it contains many vitamins and helps get rid of acne. Garlic has a sharp flavor specific, so a mask is better to do before going to bed to night the smell had completely erode.

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