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GARDEN solar lamps: choose the cottage

Garden Solar Light: choose the cottage

Country sites gradually cease to be a Horticultural plantations and become a place where you can put beautiful shrubs, break up the flower beds, to feel like a landscape designer.

Having worked on the decoration of the site during the day, you can enjoy the fruits of their work and in the evening, using LED lights are solar-powered.

How do the garden lamps Solar

The idea of ​​using accumulated by daylightfor night lighting has been implemented in practice in the 20-ies of the last century, but the mass production of household lamps started relatively recently - about 15 years ago. The principle of operation of such lamps is simple enough - on the cover is a solar cell, which is a thin film coated with a protective transparent layer. Under the influence of both direct and diffuse sunlight, the battery converts light energy into electrical energy and stores it. By nightfall, the battery begins to run, and applies a voltage to the on-board LED lamp. Good, high-quality LED flashlight on solar batteries capable to shine up to 8 hours, which is enough to cover the area around the holiday home both summer and in the autumn and spring.

The advantages of such lamps are obvious. You can install it anywhere on the site where the wish, in this case you will not have to dig trenches and lay the cable. If necessary, the lamp can be easily extracted from the earth and rearranged in any other place or removed for storage if you leave the station for a long time. The backlight turns on and off automatically, with no need to buy this, no additional hardware. You get the opportunity to cover the territory of the site, not paying money for electricity. In addition, the decorative appeal of your site increased significantly, and you have the opportunity to create true masterpieces of design.

To arrive to the battery as much as possible light, regularly wipe the surface clean with a soft, damp cloth, taking care not to scratch the protective film.

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What are garden lamps Solar

The simplicity of design of lighting fixtures with a vengeancecompensated by a huge variety of decorative forms. Typically, lawn lamps and those that are installed along the tracks, and around the house, have a strict classical concise form. Their high ceiling poster can be konuso- or spherical, cylindrical or in the shape of a cube. Decorative lanterns that accentuate the beauty of the vegetation can be in the form of low lamps simple shapes or colored figurines of gnomes, frogs, owls and so on. There are waterproof floating lights that at night decorates the surface of your pool or an artificial body of water.

How to choose a garden lamps for the suburban area

First of all, pay attention to the quality ofmanufacturing such a lamp. Many homegrown firms produces such lanterns can be bought cheaply, especially in bulk, but their quality is quite low and they last for a short time, and the batteries installed in them, limit the time of the glow-ring only 3-4 hours. Cheap lamps are no different and installation quality, so they are quite easily damaged and can not be repaired.

Manufacturers, which guarantee the quality of theirproducts, be sure to indicate on the package parameters such as capacity and the number of LED bulbs in the lamp, while their work provided the battery is fully charged, its form and capacity.

If you want to install lanterns around the house,on the balcony or lawn, decide what area they have to cover. The stronger the light, the brighter it will burn and the large area it will light. The powerful lamp installs a large number of LED lamps - more than 10 pieces. But for such a lamp to work properly, it must be installed and the battery is good. Good performance and reliability are different NiMH batteries, they are more expensive than conventional nickel-cadmium batteries, but ultimately, their use is more economical, they have a higher capacity, more powerful and longer service life. These lights will be able to operate continuously for up to 8-10 hours.

When choosing a lamp, keep in mind that the larger the area of ​​the solar cell, the more it will store solar energy.

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Most lamps have sensors that reactthe lighting and automatically enable or disable lighting. Some of the lights, which can be used for installation along the tracks, and have motion sensors are activated only when a person approached. These lights can be installed with a parking place.

lantern form, you can choose in accordance with theits functionality and placement. Look at the photo on the Internet, there are examples of location lanterns of different shapes in different places suburban area. If you want to arrange a party on your site, you can buy it for lights with colored LEDs that will help to create a festive mood and atmosphere.

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