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GAME "Tyuryaga"

Game Tyuryaga - benefit or harm

The game "Tyuryaga" quickly gained popularity among the Russian-speaking Internet users.

And play it is not criminal elements.

Rather, it can be assumed that some of them are still doing, we can not vouch for all.

But in "the slammer" I sat down and naughty boys and girls modestly, and adult men in respectable business suits, and housewives in between washing linen and preparing homemade lunch.

Slammer phenomenon takes many, especiallyparents heard from their children computer speakers are periodically distributed jargon: nishtyak in nature, bro, and the like. But do not worry. Virtual slammer if it has to do with thieves romance, is not greater than the chanson, which sounds rushing literally from all sides.

In order to become a successful player,you must have a lot of friends, also played in the slammer. The presence of at least 5 homies, sends daily heating in the form of additional energy, allow a minimum of moving faster in dvizhuha representing him his release in a particular prison. Also, only with the support of the same players may combat raids, which is considered to be the sum of the damage over time damage cartoon character-credibility.

Thus, it becomes less Tyuryagagame as a means of communication with their own kind. "Sidelets" finds new friends, share with them experiences, gifts, agrees on joint action, that is, almost learned the art of diplomacy.

Another significant advantage of the game isdevelop skills correctly distribute the available resources. The currency used in the slammer toilet paper, coins, cigarettes, sugar and soap. Spend them can be different. Redeem a new camera, send the parcel sidekick, buy attack means to pay for the original tattoo or just play cards. Thoughtlessly squandered this or other property, the next time the player will think about whether she ovchinka lowered her resources not be better to spend it on more useful acquisition.

Of course, theoretically passion slammermay cause some harm too began to play the man, even develop a certain type of relationship. But we have to admit that from this no one is immune to the modern world. Moreover, each of us is constantly at risk of becoming addicted to toys, social networks, forums, delicious food ... the list is endless. Virtual Prison - one of the most innocuous items in it, moreover, as practice shows, in a year or waning interest in the game, Tyuryaga fades into the background and socialization experiences gained from it, remain forever.

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