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AS added of cross-thread

How to add from the transverse thread

The transverse filament (or broach) - a "bridge" connecting the two adjacent loops in a row horizontally. The knitting process it may be necessary to perform additional loops.

This allows you to expand the various elements of the cut (sleeves, waistline, skirt wedges, etc.).

You can make almost imperceptible increments, with a certain inclination, or left on the knitted cloth small holes - they beat interesting item of clothing and emphasize its shape.

You will need

  • - Two straight or circular spitsy-
  • - Yarn.



Dovyazhite the product to the place of the necessary expansion of the web. To make an increase of the transverse thread horizontal row in the facial, perform at least one loop on the right (work) spoke.


Enter the left needle under the thread transverse stretching between adjacent loops of the right and left needles. At the same time move the working tool on the reverse side of the work ahead.


Twist broach then knit hera front wall (such as a conventional loop face). With this expansion of knitting obtained gain with a slope to the right. On the front side of the product they nenametanny their eyes barely notice.


Complete the front row and try to add frompulling the wrong loop. To do this you must enter the left needle (again made progress) under transverse thread between adjacent loops on different spokes. This is followed by a normal knit broach the wrong loop (the front slice).


Make the addition of a transverse thread so as to form a slope to the left. This borehole is injected under the broach in the opposite direction - from front to back.


Then cross strand twisted and runs crossed the front loop (knit over the back wall).


If you want to make the addition of a knitted fabric with the wrong side of the work, then proceed along the lines. However, in this case vyvyazyvayut Wrong crossed loop.


Work out in the implementation of increases decorative. This method allows to make a vertical row of holes in the ground knit crosswise yarns. Proceed with the "face" of the work: enter the left needle under the broach, but do not twist it, and knit as the front crossed.


In the purl row, enter the left needle and knit backward movement of the transverse thread as usual seamy loop.


can be added within a loophorizontal row. This provyazyvaetsya broaching connecting adjacent loops of the underlying row. Nanizhite transverse thread on the left needle and knit it as the front:
- Enter the needle front back-
- Drag nit-
- Put a loop on the right (working) spoke.
If the broach does not twist, the openings appear on the web. To them it was not, do the crossed loop.

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