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How to add from a transverse thread


How to add from a transverse thread</a>

Cross thread (or broach) is a "bridge" connecting two adjacent loops in a row horizontally. In the process of knitting, it can be used to perform additional loops.

This allows you to expand the various elements of the cut (sleeves, waist line, wedges of the skirt and stuff).

You can make the increase almost imperceptible, with a certain slope or leave on the knitted cloth small holes - they are interesting to outplay the detail of clothing and emphasize its shape.

You will need

  • - two straight or circular spokes-
  • - Yarn.



Tie the product up to the point of necessary expansion of the blade. To make an increase from the transverse Threads In the face horizontal row, perform at least one loop on the right (working) spoke.


Insert the left spoke under the transverse thread, stretched between the adjacent loops on the right and left spokes. At the same time, move the tool from the back of the work forward.


Twist the broach, then tie it inThe front wall (like a normal front loop). With such an extension of knitting, we get increments with a slope to the right. On the front side of the product, they will not notice their eyes unblinded.


Finish the front row and try to add fromBroaches a purl loop. To do this, you need to enter the left spoke (again moving forward) under the transverse thread between the neighboring loops on the different spokes. Next, you should tie the broach around as a normal purl loop (behind the front slit).


Make an addition from the transverse Threads So that the slope to the left is formed. In this case, the needle is inserted under the broach in the opposite direction - from front to back.


Then the transverse thread is twisted, and a crossed crossed loop is performed (tied behind the back wall).


If it is necessary to make the addition of a knitted fabric from the wrong side of the work, then follow the pattern. However, in this case, the reverse crossed loop is loosened.


Practice making decorative increments. This method makes it possible to make a vertical row of holes in the places of the bound cross threads. Operate with the "face" of the work: put the left knitting needle under the broach, but do not twist it, but tie it like a front crossed.


In the purl pattern, insert the left spoke backwards and tie the transverse thread like a regular back loop.


You can add loops within oneHorizontal row. In this case, a broach is connected, connecting the neighboring loops of the underlying row. String the transverse thread on the left knitting needle and tie it as front:
- enter the spoke from the front back-
- drag the thread-
- put the resulting loop on the right (working) needle.
If the broach is not twisted, then holes appear on the canvas. To avoid them, make crossed loops.

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