Almost every household item has its own amusing story. Let's start with the sofas and chairs.

Their first creators are the inhabitants of Ancient Rome.

It was they who first came up with the idea of ​​hooking ordinary benches with animal skins.

Not only famous personalities, but also furniture has its own monuments. So, the immortalized bed is located in the US state of Ohio.

Thanks to the architect Janjaapom RuijsssenarYou can feel yourself flying on a carpet-plane. Among his creations - a sleeping place, quietly soaring in the air without any cables. The highlight of the invention is in the strongest magnetic field surrounding it.

The name that embodies for us the gangsters of America - Al Capone is also connected with the "our" theme. On his business card was written nothing more than a "furniture dealer."

This is now a bar counter - an effective componentAlmost any cafe. Initially, it was made using sheets of steel and was necessary in order to protect bartenders from bullets in the Wild West.

Ilf and Petrov, it turns out, used a fairly common story from ordinary life. While writing immortal "12 chairs" it was in these items that the accumulated money was hiding.

The world's first inflatable bed was testedIn the train. So, at the end of the nineteenth century, thanks to the idea of ​​Linford Ruth, sleeping cars were placed such a development for recreation. However, the experiment did not last long: because the mattresses were pumped with hot steam and they were often torn, the passengers received real burns.

One chest of drawers can cost $ 15 million. Of course, not modern, released on the stream, but if it belonged to the princes Badminton, was made from luxurious woods and trimmed with real gold.

John Lennon is known not only for his legendary creativity. In his apartment there was not a single color other than white.

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