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FURNITURE: 7 problems and their solutions

Furniture: 7 problems and their solutions

Eliminate defects that occur most often in the process of maintenance of furniture, it is the power of their own.



If you want to open a drawer or table,from which flew off the handle, will help hook on the suction cup (these are typically used in the bathroom). It is enough to press the hook to the box in a place where there was a handle, pull over, and a box pops up.


Have furniture made of particleboard often fly off the door. This happens because of the screws that hold poorly in the walls. To solve the problem, holes for screws need to ream to a diameter of 8 mm and insert the dowels (wooden plug) or a piece of wood, smeared with glue for wood, and in their turn the screws - they will then hold on tightly.


Bring in the order of dust or dirt, soft upholsteryFurniture can be as follows: tightly wrap a stiff brush with a clean cloth soaked in a salt solution (1 teaspoon per 1 liter of water..), and wipe the upholstery. Cloth, as dirt is rinsed in clean water, and then again dipped in salt solution. The procedure is repeated until the cloth is not clean.


To restore gloss lacquered surfaces, wipe with a soft woolen cloth soaked in a mixture of turpentine and oil (2 parts oil to 1 part turpentine).


Sometimes, cabinet doors jammed open or spontaneously. The reason, as a rule, in that the cabinet is not level. Enclosing the cardboard under the cabinet feet, adjust its position.


To get rid of blisters and bubbles in the furniture ofnatural wood used iron and heavy paper. Put on a blistering place several sheets of thick paper and iron the hot iron as long as blisters and swelling disappear.


Save cracked and rickety chair as possible,previously disassemble it and clean off the glue residue from the field connection. Then you need to put on the parts to carpenter's glue and fix them tightly clutching Splice. Excess adhesive is important to immediately remove, or stains remain on the surface of furniture. After a day or two, you can use a chair.

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