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The funniest comedy version of Film Critics

Funniest comedy version of Film Critics

Funny comedy nice to see in the evening, after a busy day. They cause the release of positive emotions for a long time and provide a good mood.

See the best comedy film critics recognized.


Fifth place in the ranking takes Criticsincendiary comedy with Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams in the title role. The heroine of the film - school beauty queen, preparing for victory at the prom. Caught in an antique shop, she steals your favorite earrings, which turned magical. On the way, one earring is lost, and it is unfortunate robber, who hunts for the police. Earrings rearrange them, and begin hilarious adventure.


The fourth place is occupied by the story of the adventuresfour American students. The protagonist Scott corresponds with a German guy named Mike, who helped him to prepare for exams in German. Suddenly, a new acquaintance begins to have Scott attentions. Stunned by Scott temper rude Mike and blocks his mail, but he was not aware, and that is actually Mike - Mike is a lovely girl, whose name is often confused with a male. Scott during that whatever the cost is to correct the error and to go to Berlin, to find Mike and apologize. And in this he was helped by his friends.

"Meet the Parents"

In third place was the comedy, which playedRobert De Niro and Ben Stiller. The protagonist Greg dating his girlfriend for 10 months. Their relationship is cloudless and romantic, and Greg is going to make your favorite proposal. But for this it is necessary to get acquainted with her parents, but they are not as simple as they seem. For example, the girl's father - a former CIA agent who is madly in love her daughter and wants to be sure that gives it in good hands. In addition, he was very unhappy, because of his daughter Greg broke up with ex-boyfriend - a beautiful and promising young man.

"What do women desire"

The honorable second place is a film about themysterious and intimate - about women's thoughts. Nick works in an advertising company, and dreams of a brilliant career. What a cruel is his disappointment when a cherished position appointed charming blonde Darcy, citing the "female" oriented new project. Darcy gives subordinates the task - feel like a woman, to understand the female mind, regardless of gender. Coming home and immerse yourself in these thoughts, Nick slips and falls into the tub full of water. There also falls the dryer. Nick stun current and regaining consciousness, he discovers that he is able to read women's thoughts.

"Mr. Deeds"

Gold receives comedy, in which a major roleHe played Adam Sandler. Longfellow Didz works in a pizzeria, she loves to write lyrics for greeting cards and, in general, satisfied with his life. Surprisingly, however, Didz learns that became the sole heir of his uncle, a millionaire who left his vast fortune, several sports teams, big business and a huge mansion. Didza immediately surrounded by reporters, greedy girls envious and evil. So it turns out that the wealth - it is a heavy burden.

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