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Wood Fungus: Prevention and Ways of Fighting


Wood fungus: prevention and control methods</a>

Fungus (wood bugs) removes from standing many lumber houses, wooden baths, sheds and other structures made of wood.

The appearance of bark beetles and furniture grinders does not go unnoticed: on the surface appear crocheted formations, as if someone pulled thin transparent threads.

The wood damaged by a fungus becomes dark, friable, there is a set of cracks.

Within 6-8 months the fungus is able to destroy boards, logs, other parts of the structure.

Prevention of wood fungus

Prevent the appearance of the fungus and the unpleasant consequences of its activities can, by regularly ventilating the premises.

The fungus likes dampness, so the room needs to be heated, avoiding moisture (for example, the roof under the rain pouring rain is an occasion for the development of the fungus).

Regularly paint the wooden surfaces. The tree can also be treated with a special antiseptic.

How to deal with fungus

Another way to protect the tree from fungus -Mix copper and iron vitriol in hot water (50 grams per liter of hot water). Treat the wood with this hot solution. You can add to this clay: the resulting creamy-like mass to treat the affected areas.

It is necessary to distinguish the work of beetles-bark beetles and beetles - furniture grinders. The first affect wet wood. The advice here is: rather bring it to a dry state.

The latter are planted in a dry tree (furniture, walls). To prevent furniture grinders, once a month, surfaces (wooden floor, furniture legs) are treated with turpentine. Regular cleaning with household chemicals also prevents the appearance of harmful bugs.

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