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Fungus wood: prevention and ways to combat

Fungus wood: prevention and ways to combat

Fungus (wood beetles) displays many of the standing log houses, wooden bathhouses, sheds and other structures made of wood.

The appearance of bark beetles and the common furniture beetle does not go unnoticed: on the surface appeared cotton-like formation, as if someone had pulled the thin transparent threads.

Struck by the fungus wood becomes dark, loose, there is a lot of cracks.

Within 6-8 months, the fungus is able to break boards, logs, and other parts of the building.

Prevention of wood fungus

To prevent the appearance of mold and unpleasant consequences of his activities, regularly airing the room.

Fungus loves moisture, so you need to heat their premises, to avoid moisture (eg, leaky roof in the pouring rain - a reason for the development of the fungus).

Regularly paint the wooden surface. Wood can be processed and special antiseptic.

How to deal with fungus

Another way to protect the wood from fungus -mixed copper and iron sulphate in hot water (50 grams per liter of hot water). Treated wood this hot solution. You can add to this clay: the resulting mass of creamy treat the affected areas.

It is necessary to distinguish between the work of bark beetles and bugs - common furniture beetle. The first hit the damp wood. Tip here is this: rather bring it to the dry state.

A second plant in the dry wood (furniture, walls). To prevent the common furniture beetle once a month is treated with a surface (wood floor, furniture legs) turpentine. Regular cleaning with household products also prevent the emergence of harmful bugs.

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