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Fungus of foot, how can they get infected and how to treat


Mycosis (fungus) of the foot unites severalDiseases that are caused by various types of fungi. But recently all fungal diseases divide by localization: mycosis of hands, feet, scalp, smooth skin.

Fungus of foot, how can they get infected and how to treat



With mycosis, symptoms of manifestation are sufficientthe same. The patient is troubled by the itching, which is of such intensity that it prevents sleep. Appears redness, deepening of skin folds in the form of strips, as well as cracks. Strips contain small scales. Scales - a stratum corneum, affected by fungi. Cracks can be deeper if the zone of interdigital stop spaces is affected.
There may also be wet sores, and the patientWalking is difficult. Fungus affects not only the skin of the foot, but also the nail plates. It is especially unpleasant for women, as the nails change, become yellowish in color, begin to crumble, increase in size, resemble an avian beak or animal claws. This prevents you from wearing regular shoes, doing sports and just moving around.


Prevention is the observance of individualProtection. Of course, every person must change socks every day, have their own shoes, slippers, personal hygiene items. If you are visiting a pool or sauna, feet should be wiped with an antifungal lotion. The legs should be dry, as the mushrooms that grow on our skin love moisture.


You can get infected both with direct contact and through contaminated objects. Mushrooms reproduce by spores. They can last for long on any clothing, shoes, etc.
There was such an interesting case. In one village lived grandfather, who suffered trichophytosis of the scalp. He always wore a hat. Then the grandfather died and the hat was thrown into the attic. Once his grandson climbed to the attic and found his grandfather's hat and decided to try it on. As a result, he also developed trichophytosis of the scalp.


Treatment is very diverse. Previously, it was necessary to remove the nails of the patients, which was performed surgically. Also used special means - keratolytic, which dissolved the nail plate.

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