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How to fill up a bank card

debit card

Credit cards are a convenient paymenttool, which eliminates the need to carry large sums of money - enough to put this amount into the account of a credit card, in other words, to fill it.

You will need

  • Bank card, PIN, passport, credit card details, funds to replenish the cards.



Use the ATM to the reception functioncash. Insert the bank card into the ATM, enter your PIN, select the recharge function card bills, put money in the appropriate tray for receiving the money, hit enter, and follow the instructions that will appear on ATM screen. Crediting funds to the account of your credit card immediately, you can directly from the ATM to check the status of your account and verify that the funds credited to the card and recharged.


Visit the branch of the bank issuing youra credit card to fund your account with no commission. You will need a passport, a bank specialist credited to the account of your credit card the amount of money at the same enrollment period may vary in different banks, but not more than three working days. As part of the bank can also add funds to your card, at the same time you have to pay a fee for the transfer of funds in the amount established by the bank's tariffs.


Put the money in the bank accountcard from your electronic purse. This practice of replenishing the bank card is gaining momentum due to the popularization of electronic payment systems and the facilities that these systems give users. Term of crediting funds to the account of a credit card - three working days. The Commission is set at a certain percentage of the amount transferred. The main advantage - it is possible to fill up the card from the comfort of home, in-line.

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